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In the Round felt covered chair


Toronto-based, Luflic professes the need to design furniture that is “desirable and durable so there is no reason to replace it or throw it away.”  The “In the Round” chair, pictured above, was named after the technique of knitting sleeves or socks “In the Round.”

To accomadate upholstering a chair completely with only one knit sleeve, the tubular steel frame of the chair had to be formed in one continuous line that closed in a loop.   A fifty foot sleeve of renewable wool is required  in construction since the felting process creates substantial shrinkage.  The chair is available in either solid colors or stripes.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Capstone Turbine and Velozzi integrate microturbine tech into electric cars


I don’t know if anyone needs 770 horsepower, a 200mph top speed and the ability to go 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds, but these are electric cars…from the press release:

Capstone Turbine Corporation today announced that Velozzi, a Los Angeles-based car designer and manufacturer, will become the first auto company to integrate Capstone’s ultra-clean C65 and C30 microturbines into a electric supercar (above) and a crossover vehicle (below).


“The first electric supercar with a 65-kilowatt microturbine will be available in late 2010.  (more…)

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5 Eco Products to Help Stay Warm & Save

Winter’s here and cold temperatures are on the rise.  But, before you reach for the thermostat, consider these eco products that’ll help you stay warm and keep energy costs down.


Rambler’s Way next-to-skin Long Johns and Janes are made to endure even the coldest, dampest Maine days.  Made from fine fiber wool grown from organically raised domestic sheep, these undergarments are constructed to repel moisture and odors, so you’ll stay warm even when wet.  And, rest assured, their wool resists shrinkage through an all-natural enzyme, making it fully machine-washable. ($100-$110)


Go to bed with a hottie and you’ll stay warm throughout the night. The collection (from:to:from) by Janice Yan-Yan Wu consists of one of a kind hot water bottle covers (called hotties), all handmade and crafted from recycled fabrics. Each purchase comes with a hot water bottle insert you simply fill up with boiling water and tuck under you covers. It’s the eco-conscious alternative to an electric blanket, and so much cuter! ($45)


Nothing warms you up quite like a nice hot cup of jo.  Grab a mug of Peace Coffee, which is always 100% fair trade, organic, and shade-grown.  Beyond the coffee itself, Peace Coffee uses bike delivery whenever possible to save fossil fuels.  They also have a biodiesel-fueled van to make those deliveries outside the reach of a bike.  You can find a store near you or order online. ($10.95-$11.95 per lb)


Snuggle up with some company in a West Elm Green organic blanket, knit of chemical-free organic cotton and certified using Global Organic Textile Standards.  Body heat and blankets keep you extra toasty.  In fact, in half an hour, a person’s body produces enough heat to bring half a gallon of water to a boil.  So, cuddle up… for the environment’s sake. ($69-$99)


Warm up those icy feet with Toasty Toes by Cozy Products.  The adjustable heated footrest radiates heat up to 140 degrees, while using less energy than a standard light bulb (90 watts).  With its travel friendly size, measuring 12” by 18” at just five pounds, you can carry it with ease on all your travels; ($85).

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a deep dish of green news


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