A new urban commuter concept vehicle – part EV, part bike, part car.  This single person, three-wheeled, electrically assisted, pedal cycle is designed to transport a driver and up to 75 lbs of stuff to their workplace and back.


Designer Michael Scholey’s Emcycle is the size of a big bike – 24” wide x 73” tall x 80” long.  How does it work?  Pedals power the rear wheel like a traditional bicycle through a driver operated infinitely variable constant velocity transmission.  The Emcycle is designed to possess the stability of a tricycle – two front wheels tilt to allow banking around corners and provide increased braking, and stability.


The vehicle has electric front wheel drive with variable assist up to 1000 watts.  It has an estimated top speed of 40mph and 40 mile assisted range.  The Emcycle will feature overnight plug-in home charging and regenerative braking, with separate batteries to power the drive system and ancillary equipment.  The vehicle also features ‘no air – no puncture’ foam filled tires.

emcycle5_1.jpgThe Emcycle will also feature a bunch of car-like amenities including: a fully enclosed body, 2 lockable doors, front and rear lockable luggage compartments, roll over protection, an airbag, 3 point seat belt, adjustable full seat, windshield wiper and washer, front and rear LED lights with a separate LED headlight, directionals and LED brake lights, full instrumentation and battery charge gauge, a flow through filtered ventilation system and heater, disc brakes, reverse gear and side and rear view mirrors.  And hey, it’s been crash tested up to 30mph.

The Emcycle will cost about as much as an expensive electric bike.   Estimated cost: $2000 – $4000 US (prices will can vary depending on options)