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Eco Deal of the Day – heart-shaped solar garden lantern

alsopswirlsolar.jpgDisplay a little solar love in your garden, yard or patio.  This cute piece of solar powered garden art is constructed of a stainless steel garden stake, solar collector, amber LED and detachable hand-blown glass heart swirled in red.

Just plant the lantern in direct sunlight and and let it do its thing, as the blown glass swirling heart lights up itself each night.

Comes with 2 rechargeable AA batteries. Bottom stake is detachable. Fully assembled height 58,” intermediate height 39″

on sale for $35 @

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Friday, February 12, 2010

eco fashion friday finds – turn up the green

As you know, we don’t favor mindless consumption, but we do occasionally like to perk up our wardrobes and spirits with an eco conscious, stylish indulgence. Here’s this week’s small, edited collection of eco savvy fashion finds.

(above)  Sweet somethings for your sweetie. Handmade right here in the USA from vintage ephemera and recycled sterling silver @


A shoe-in — check out Keen’s new line of summer sandals for kids of all ages.  (above) Men’s Coronado Sandal features natural rubber exterior and a removable cork insole.  Sounds comfy, and comes in two cool neutral shades!


(above) Everything’s coming up daisies.  Spring for lightweight accents with rings, necklaces and bracelets made from felt. Reach across the pond; (£ 4.00/each) @ Pure Design. (more…)

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a relatively large pile of green news


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DIY – make your own pickles


I recently learned that when my mother was pregnant with me she constantly craved pickles.  This might explain why I have an unhealthy obsession with them.  I’ve been trying to make my own pickles at home for a few months now (that sounds like a lot of failure, but I have to wait between one and three weeks for each batch).   Finally, today, I made some good ones!  Here’s the recipe (credit to

What you need:
IMG_4150_1.jpegBall Jars (or any other glass canning jars)
Distilled water (this is important, you can buy it at most grocery stores)
White Vinegar
Kosher, non-iodized salt
Pickling cucumbers (this is important, I made the mistake of using small cucumbers and it did not end well).

Ok, I confess, I used a mixture of “pickling spices” that I picked up from Whole Foods; but if you’re ambitious and you want to make your own spice for the brine you can find the recipe at

  • The recipe I used calls for 3 parts distilled water to 1 part white vinegar.
  • Boil this mixture in a pot.  (more…)
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