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The GreenShows NYC – a video wrap up

For the past few days all eco fashion eyes were focused on the The Green Shows’ runway featuring eco conscious collections for autumn/winter 2010 from designers around the world.

Here’s my video wrap-up of the final day’s shows:
deux fm, Ekovaruhuset/House of Organic, C. Marchuska

YouTube Preview Image

Hats off to Eric Dorfman, producer of the event as well as Weleda and John Masters for beauty; DEX for hair and makeup; Kristina Ratliff and Ryan Urcia of State PR; and Daniel Soland of DJ Chopps for the party tunes.  It’s always fun to catch the buzz, meet old friends and new, and see first-hand what’s in store for upcoming seasons…looking forward to fall!

related videos from the 2010 GreenShows: Sonja den Elzen’s Thieves Collections and Gary Harvey – Recycled Meets Eco Couture

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dial4Light – streetlight on demand

A small town in West Germany recently adopted an innovative way to light their residents’ way at night, and the local creators of this invention are looking to extend their reach.


Here’s the skinny.  In order to conserve natural resources as well as save serious cash on their electric bills, many communities in Germany extinguish their street lighting systems at 11 pm.  But what happens when a resident needs to walk their dog, take a brisk walk home after visiting the local pub, or experiences car trouble in the middle of the night?  A resident of Lemgo, West Germany invented this green gizmo to help shed some light on the situation, (pardon the pun).


Right on cue this new hand-held device signals local street lights to illuminate, and then to switch off, after 10 to 15 minutes.  By making a local phone call, the street light is activated, and the local municipality foots the bill for the power.  (Phone numbers are posted on the street lamp — let’s hope they’re visible.)  Interested in this technology for your eco community?  find more info @

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Eco Deal of the Day – ecoSkin romper

A cute find for summer fun – make your way from city sidewalks to sunset cocktails at The Montauket.


Made of bamboo, Tencel and a healthy hit of Spandex; machine washable; fabrics woven, dyed and sewn right here in the USA.  Small & Medium sizes – Black only.

ecoSkin’s Papyrus ruffle romper in black only @ $49.99, (regularly $168 – save 70%) @ Hurry, only 2 left.

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eco news roundup


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Cyclone Engine’s eco-friendly external combustion motor


The lawnmower, or automobile of the near future may be a much leaner, greener machine.  Florida-based Cyclone Power is developing new engine technology that can run on a myriad of fuel sources, ranging from eco-friendly biofuels to existing gasoline and diesel, or a combo of both.  Though the company has just signed a design deal with Raytheon to develop military and industrial applications of the engine, primary applications of Cyclone’s engine tech may be around the yard and on the highway where traditional gasoline-powered engines burn non-sustainable fossil fuels, spew copious amounts of pollutants, spill oil and make a ton of noise.


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