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Deal of the Day – organic cotton beatnik vest


It’s time to dig out of that snowdrift and start thinking about spring!  This kicky organic cotton Beatnik Vest will add a little shape and a lot of style to your spring wardrobe.  Handmade in L.A. by Raw Earth & Wild Sky.

marked down from $216 to $108 @

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

save water with greenflush

greenflush_product_photo_1.jpgIt may not be sexy, but this simple little toilet accessory may save a lot of water.  The standard toilet tank flapper can form a leaky seal, or simply lower too slowly to stop water flowing into your toilet bowl.  One estimate has leaky flappers wasting an estimated 11 million gallons of water a minute in the USA.

The weighted Greenflush valve closes much faster than the traditional flapper. The Greenflush, which is said to install in 30 seconds, is estimated to reduce a typical 2 or 3 gallon flush to 1 gallon.  It also works with newer low-flow toilets.

It sells for $19.95 – but hey if it works it will pay for itself very quickly.

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inflatable Blow Sofa – upcycled shipping bags


I could use this about now – the Blow Sofa features recycled paper shipping bags as inflatable cushions.  Created by the Polish design firm MALAFOR,  this seating unit is easily portable, inexpensive, and a breeze to set up.


The cushions can be inflated on site, and are supported by a metal frame and flexible straps.  Just keep sharp objects, smokers and crayons at a distance.     via: despoke

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Cali’s Bardessono Hotel goes platinum


In the world of LEED, platinum ratings are a big deal.  And in the world of travel, they’re an even bigger deal; that’s because a mere three hotels in the entire world are certified LEED Platinum, the highest honor attainable when it comes to sustainable, eco-friendly design.  Naturally, I applaud most eco endeavors, but I’m breathless over Bardessono Hotel and Spa, which is not only a beautiful, 62-room boutique, but an innovative Napa Valley retreat from the roof on down.  Literally. Nine-hundred-forty-seven solar panels blanket the hotel’s flat roofs, providing a healthy portion of the property’s electricity.  And 72 geothermal wells are used to heat and cool the hotel rooms and water.


The building blocks of the hotel–the stones you see stacked along the exterior–were recycled from the an old wine cellar on the property, and all of the visible wood salvaged from Orchard Walnut, Redwood, Elm and Monterey Cypress trees.  The list of green activities also includes the expected “regulars:” water recycling, composting, low-flow fixtures and LED lighting.  Features abound as well.


From organic cocktails to organic sheets, it’s an all-natural getaway in the heart of the West Coast’s vineyards.  Bottom line: If you’re looking to escape the winter doldrums, this is the place to do it. And while you’re there, don’t forget to book a spa appointment.

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eco news roundup


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