How do we get our daily dose of fresh fruits and veggies when the produce in our neighborhood market looks like Aunt Ethel’s compost pile?  The FruitGuys deliver.


In the middle of a snowstorm recently, with thoughts of fresh fruit swirling in our heads, The FruitGuys contacted us out of the blue and offered to send us a crate of fruit. After taking a peek at their site, how could we say no?


So last Thursday an enormous crate of fresh seasonal fruit arrived on our doorstep.  We were immediately impressed from the outside in.  As always, we’re concerned about the packaging.  Delighted to say, the box itself is a work of art — smartly designed to be re-used as a cardboard file box, with side openings for easy portability.  It’s well constructed from recycled cardboard and the graphics are printed with soy based inks.  Strong, good looking and nice to the touch, (kinda like a guy I know, haha).

Now for the fun part.  The individual pieces of fruit each arrived looking quite perky and ripe for the taking — we’ve been enjoying every bite.  The seasonal mix included juicy yet firm plums, red grapes, ruby red grapefruit, kiwi, avocado, pears, peaches,  tangerines, navel and temple oranges and a nice big bunch of bananas.  Not one bruise or bad apple in the bunch.

How do they do it?  The FruitGuys work very closely with local farmers to deliver farm-fresh organic and conventional fruit to both offices and homes across the country.  According to the company, “during peak season 70-90% of the fruit mixes offered are locally grown within the regions we serve (East Coast, Midwest, West Coast) and go from the farm to home or office within 3-4 days.”


How much does it cost?  They offer different options for home, office, school or gifts and for folks located on the East coast, West coast or in the Midwest.  Each week they change up the mix and you can take your pick of offer either organic or conventional fruit.  Check it all out @