mavea2.jpgWe happened by the Mavea booth at last weekend’s Go Green Expo in NYC and were duly impressed with their line of cool looking, affordable water pitchers.  Since roughly 85% of all U.S. households have hard drinking water, products like the Mavea Elemaris pitcher allow consumers to make fuller use of their tap water and avoid buying expensive and environmentally harmful bottled water.

The Mavea pitchers have some nice features:  they’re easy on the eyes and fit easily into most fridges; they direct fill from the tap through the top so you aren’t removing the top all the time; the filter lasts for about 40 gallons, is fully recyclable, doesn’t leak any carbon filter material or need pre-soaking, and takes out all the bad stuff but leaves in essential minerals.

mavea3.jpgAnother nice feature is a built-in Smart Meter to let you know how long the filter’s been in use, the volume filtered and the hardness of your water.

It’s interesting to note that Mavea is an American division of Germany-based parent Brita, (in the U.S. the company sold its Brita line to Clorox years ago) so they’ve been innovators in water filtration for a long time.

You can buy the Elemaris pitcher @ $29.95