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netie pot – allergy relief?

Ever walk down the street and blow through a mini pack of tissues in just a couple of blocks?  There’s nothing worse than feeling tears stream down the face, ruining freshly applied morning makeup – all thanks to allergies. What’s an alternative girl to do?


Try everything – including a neti pot. Since nothing else is providing relief, and curious for years about this extremely alternative, low tech gadget, I finally broke down and bought one. Intended to reduce pollen and dust in the nasal passages, I figured — may as well cleanse the schnoz with some salt water, and see what happens.

I decided to try this one @ — $12.71 for the Neti Pot and $2.36 for an 8 ounce bag of salt, (which is currently only $1.99).  Tonight’s the night, I’ll let you know how it goes.  If you don’t hear from me, I’ve probably choked or drowned. Anyone out there familiar with this technique – feel free to chime in.

Morning Update:  It was so surprisingly simple to use – I don’t know yet if Neti has helped curb my allergies, but I’m still breathing…feels a bit like spring cleaning from the inside out:)

UPDATE, Dec 19, 2011:  Yikes! Neti pot warning…Brain-Eating Amoeba Fatalities Linked to Common Cold Remedy – yahoo! news

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Monday, April 5, 2010

eco deal of the day – maggie’s organics

Today only, cash in on Maggie’s Organics one day sale on Fair Trade made, organic cotton onesies for your eco stylish bambina.


Comfy, practical and affordable.  50% off – regularly priced at $22/each for hand dyed bodysuits and $14 for those undyed in natural; now $11/each and $7/each.  Enter code:  BODYSUIT50 at checkout for savings. Offer expires at 11:59pm EST today. find @

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ultra-thin ver2 ebike: what’s up with that?


Designer Yuri Fujimura’s ver2 electric bike concept features an ultra-slim profile and a Lithium-ion battery.  The ver2’s skinny frame could make the challenge of bike storage in the crowded urban environment an easier proposition.  The bike’s narrow, boxy body, could also be used to store gadgets, iPods and small devices that could charge via the on-board battery.


Now the question has arisen – what happens to a rider who happens to encounter even the slightest breeze while out on the road?  Perhaps some holes in the bike’s body might help reduce wind resistance.  Now about that seat, which looks about as comfy as riding on a credit card – perhaps a little more cushion?  Back to the drawing board?


source: dvice

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eco news roundup


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