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green building showcase – ZENERGY House opens in Studio City


The eco-friendly ZENERGY House had its grand opening on April 2, in Studio City, CA.  The ZENERGY House project was created by REAS (Residential Energy Assessment Services, Inc.) as a prototype for “greening” existing homes and exhibits a wide range of green building innovations.


ZENERGY House was conceived as a living example and educational tool for the average person to learn about and incorporate greener elements into their home environment.  The one-story home was originally built in 1950 and includes 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2,450 sq. ft. of living space, and a pool. The home was selected because of its unique architecture and because the home’s size reflects the national average for square footage.



The ZENERGY House will host a number of seminars and tours for architects, builders, designers, government officials, realtors, financial institutions, homeowners and other interested parties through 2010.  Supporting ZENERGY House’s educational mission, tours will be performed by students from LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts) ‘The Giving Tree Club’ who have attended specific training events at the property.


The project’s major improvements address: the mechanical systems; lighting; energy management systems; building envelope; ventilation; water conservation; appliances; interior finishes; and renewable energy.  The home also showcases green furnishings, textiles, art and wallpaper. Visit for more info and a complete list of green building companies which participated in this innovative project.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Timberland’s eco-friendly Earthkeepers 2.0 Boat Shoe


Timberland continues to expand its green initiatives with the intro of its new Earthkeepers 2.0 Boat Shoe. The 2.0 Boat shoe is designed to be recycled at the end of its product life.  Consumers simply return them to any Timberland store for recycling.  The sole is dismantled from the upper through the simple process of un-threading the stitching that appears along the sole.  The upper and sole are then sent to Timberland to be reborn as a new shoe.  Timberland is undertaking this cutting-edge “second life” program to pilot reusing components from the returned boot to make a new pair of shoes and keep components out of the landfill. (more…)

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Green Wheels of the Week: Earthbound RV


To most folks, a cross-country RV trek seems anything but green — guzzling gas and creating carbon while passing one state line after another.  But times are a changin’ according to Roaring Times, a site devoted to the RV lifestyle, which recently named recreational vehicle manufacturer Earthbound their 2010 Green RV of the Year.

Thanks to the use of lightweight material composites, thermoplastics and hybrid structural materials found on today’s cars and aircraft, Earthbound’s RVs save on gas in a big way.  In fact, for every 1,000 pounds trimmed off the weight of an RV, the vehicle garners approximately 8 percent improved fuel economy.  Add to that the use of low organic volatile compound and recyclable materials, as well as the elimination of all wood and wood by-products on the V-2 model, and you’ve got an environmental differentiator in comparison to the competition.


The company, which offers seven travel trailer models, all decked out with the kind of plush interior you’d expect at an eco-chic hotel, is attempting to revolutionize the recreational vehicle industry.  My opinion? Kudos to Earthbound for benchmarking a new standard of RV manufacturing.  After all, isn’t RV-ing it to the Grand Canyon someday a little part of every pure-blooded American’s dream?

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deal of the day – winnie’s organic animal products

awo1.jpgFREE certified organic cookies for horses and dogs — lay a little extra love on that four-legged pooch or pony.

Jump on over to Winnie’s and simply sign up for a complimentary sample.

These special treats are food-based, and focused on nutrition — no synthetic or chemical additives — no toxic residues or preservatives.

Endorsed by the Parelli’s of the Parelli Method of Natural Horsemanship.

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eco news roundup


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