Junk mail is choking mail boxes, bloating landfills and devouring one of our great natural resources…trees.  Time for catalog shoppers to find another way to browse for merchandise (in addition to their computer).  Home furnishings innovator, IKEA, today announced a bunch of new improvements to their 2010 Catalog iPhone app.  IKEA has redeveloped the app just two months after inviting fans who had downloaded the original app from the Apple iTunes Store to suggest improvements.  Suggestions were gathered via twitter, a phone hotline, email and via the App Store.


The latest version of the catalog app, now features the most requested functionality, including:

  • search function enabling customers to select products using keywords
  • bookmarking, helping customers to save pages
  • contents page, a color coded index with links to main sections

Other updates IKEA is currently investigating based on user feedback include:  detailed product information on-demand, functionality to find your nearest store and info about what is in stock in your local store.  Pretty cool.