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eco fashion friday finds – turn up the green

Time for our weekly spin around the ecosphere, bringing you our small, edited collection of eco fashion highlights…

It’s more than just eye candy.  Sustainable fashion designers Nixxi and Nicole Bridger caught our eye with their separate and distinct debut collections a little while back and we’re happy to see both fashion houses nominated for a Fashion Takes Action Sustainable Fashion Award.  (Want to take part?  Cast your vote.)



(above – Nixxi)  Exuding alluring sexiness and enduring uber eco style, Nixxi is playful, fun and built to last. Create a quiet splash this season.


(above – L to R) Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Nicole Bridger’s spring/summer 2010 line looks eco chic and totally comfy – some styles even works as maternity wear.  A couple of personal faves – Today Tunic in a cool shade of Lake, with button and pocket accents ($241) and Comfort Dress made from bamboo, organic cotton and a touch of Spandex ($223) – available in black, fog or blue.


(above) Looking for a tasty handbag or bracelet?  Hot off the press, Ecoist teamed with Frito-Lay to create a line made from obsolete or unusable snack packaging.  Grab your new Cheetos, Sunflower, Tostitos, Scribbles or Lays’ Greenleaf bag…now if we could just avoid eating the junk that’s in those bags. Ranging from $22 – $138, depending on style; funky bracelets $12. –  more @


(above) Searching for the “perfect weekend handbag”?  Our pals at shefinds have you covered – stash your beach bound stuff in this organic cotton striped tote — in yellow, red green or black; (only $33).

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Friday, April 9, 2010

G-I-N Studio’s repurposed Chictorian Chair


Artist/designer Orlando Dominguez and his G-I-N Studio believe that furniture consciously made and creatively designed can result in something special…like his “Chictorian Chair”.   Take one Victorian chair, add repurposed leather and repurposed hair on hide – equal portions creative vision and a feel for all things funky – and you’ve created a chair that’s brimming with fun and eco-friendly exuberance.

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ban the phone book

phonepbook1.jpgWhen’s the last time you opened a phone book?  I just got the unsolicited delivery of a fat stack of 3 phone books that I’ll never use.  Each year something like 5 million trees are cut down just to create the White Pages and tens of millions of dollars are spent each year recycling old phone books.  And then there’s the added costs of the emissions and expenses involved in the delivery of the things…

An idea whose time has come – an opt-in (or opt-out) program for phone book delivery.  Why should I be made an accomplice in crimes against man and nature just because I use a phone (or they need to sell ads for bankruptcy lawyers and botox treatments).  Visit to join the movement and keep using those phone apps and web searches to find stuff.

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friday eco news roundup


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