CM_envirocomposter.jpgIn the spirit of spring we’re reprising this post about a great gardening product.

A large percentage of the waste that goes into our landfills is organic material comprised of yard and food waste. Over 90% of of gas emissions from landfills are methane and CO2 created by decomposing organic waste. How can you help alleviate this problem? Start composting.

This compact and handy Envirocycle Composter has some great features: It’s made with durable recycled plastic and produces both solid and liquid compost. The drum rotates easily on 8 rollers and can be rolled to any spot to spread solid compost. The base collects liquid fertilizer for use on plants. It holds 7 cubic feet of compost and is suitable for year-round use. Dimensions: 25.5W x 20.25D x 30.5H (inches).

$159.99 @ or, you’ll find it for $143 @