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how green is your garden?


Here we are in mid-April, and the weather in the NYC area for the past few days has been sunny but cool. Taxes have been prepared (phew) and it’s time to hit the yard and do some spring cleaning of the outdoor kind. As backbreaking as it can be, there’s still something very rewarding about raking, weeding, digging into the earth and tilling the garden for summer’s bounty. Just be prepared to break out the arnica and tiger’s balm. I dug up some good resources to help lay the groundwork for an eco friendly-based landscape. (more…)

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

swaptree – trade your stuff for somebody else’s



Spring cleaning doesn’t have to include going to the landfill.  Swaptree is a great site that enables you to trade or exchange those books, cds, dvds, and video games that you’ve used and are tired of, for similar items from other folks – for free.  List the items you want to trade, choose the items you want to receive and exchange them by mail – eliminating the need to buy more stuff and reducing, both your unwanted clutter and your carbon footprint.

On the other hand, if you either just want to find a new home for items you no longer need, or want to get things you need for free — join the Freecycle network.  We’ve used it — it works great and people in your community will pick up your unwanted items – or you can pick up free items in your local vicinity.  Aside from the environmental benefits, giving away perfectly good pre-loved stuff seems to lighten the soul:)

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Kalon Studios’ Hut-Hut – modern, green rocking horse


Tired of being surrounded by mundane traditionally-shaped furniture?  Maybe it’s time for you to add the Hut-Hut (giddy-up for camels) to your eco-friendly home environment.  This playful reinterpretation of the rocking horse is made on a 5-axis CNC machine and features an engraved star pattern that is both a decorative element and an efficient use of machining time.


Rather than resurfacing the piece to hide the machining lines, the lines have been incorporated into the seat of the piece as a decorative element, reducing the machining time by a very green 75%.  Kalon Studios will be debuting Hut-Hut in Milan during the Salone del Mobile at the Posti di Vista ‘green block’ exhibition.  The piece will be released in FSC Certified Spanish Cedar, Walnut, Cork, Bamboo and Maple.

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eco news roundup


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