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Teach a Child About…Global Warming

You’ve got to love a book that carries the Smithsonian’s mission statement on its opening page, especially when you get to the part about its offering “the world a picture of America, and America a picture of the world.


This is truer than ever in a new book for kids aged 5-9 called “Global Warming,” the latest literary collaboration between the Smithsonian and award-winning author Seymour Simon.

agwr3.jpgA retired educator, Simon has written more than 250 books for young readers, and his “Global Warming” cannot possibly disappoint as a full-color photographic introduction to the causes and effects of global warming and climate change.  Part educational primer, part gorgeous pictorial, “Global Warming” draws attention to the increasingly rapid changes in our environment, and more importantly, to the role and responsibility humans have in its causes and effects.

In smart, but totally kid-friendly terms, Simon lays out the complicated concept of the greenhouse effect, clarifies the difference between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’, and teaches so much more all while taking the young reader on a journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic, making important stops along the way to drive home the point that the whole planet is at risk in the global warming age.

Simon’s evidence is compelling, especially when he writes about coral reefs, and somehow the simplicity of his language makes even adult readers sit up and take notice.  It’s hard to ignore a sentence like:  “If coral reefs die, then much of the animal life they support will be wiped out as well.” (more…)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

iFork – iPhone/iPod stand made from upcycled silverware


Is this kitsch, art, or both?  Either way, this little iFork gadget stand is crazy cute.  Made from silverware – the Fork Head Stand is the perfect gift for all food and phone obsessed individuals.  The stand can hold a variety of gizmos and small gadgets – or you can have one custom made to fit any unique doodad you may feel compelled to display.  Also comes in an iSpoon version.

$30 @ forked up art’s etsy shop via: recycleart

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Folded Roof House – catalog prefab home by claesson koivisto rune


Simple, elegant Scandinavian design – this single story prefab home is located on Muskö Island in Sweden.  The living room and kitchen lie betwixt the two bedrooms, which are positioned at either end of the home.



It is the second home that design firm Claesson Koisvisto Rune has created for the Arkitekthus catalog.  The guest house and sauna (essential) were designed and created specifically for this client.

see more CKR designs @

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