We can’t forget the furry creatures on Earth Day…this one’s from the archives.  America loves cats. Those tens of millions of felines need more earth-friendly and cat-friendly choices when it comes to the litter box. Historically kitty litter has been made from the clay-based combo sodium bentonite which is not a renewable resource and which, if ingested, can cause respiratory and digestive problems for cats.

Thankfully for cat lovers there are some greener, healthier alternatives. Here are some healthy choices:

  • Purina’s Yesterday’s News is made from recycled paper, is low dust, 3x more absorbent than clay, fragrance-free and recommended by vets for post-surgery cats.
  • Feline Pine made of recycled pine chips has no artificial additives; it’s dust-free, chemical-free and all natural. No trees were cut down to make the litter.
  • World’s Best Cat Litter has an understated name and is made from whole-kernel corn which is said to be good on odors, 99% dust-free, has no respiratory or ingestion problem and can be disposed of as clumps without emptying the whole litter box.

We all know how ‘particular’ cats can be so they might not immediately take to the texture and feel of a new litter. You may have to put some of the old stuff on top to get them ‘going’.