Does this qualify as gardening?  Love the idea of integrating a living, green component into the art on the walls of a home or office.  ‘Medusa’ – a live tillandsia “caput-medusae purple” air plant – is mounted on a piece of reclaimed light green tile.  Perhaps this little, sculptural plant can replace one of the 17 framed pictures of your cat, or the velvet painting of Isaac Hayes, which currently dominates your living room.

Mounted with stainless steel wire and clear round accents at the base, this beautiful piece of eco-art comes ready to hang in your home, office or patio – interior or exterior.

Easy to care for – just mist with water occasionally, or dip under the faucet; very slow growing.  3″ wide x 5″ high comes with wall bracket and wall pads.

$22 @ to(HOLD)’s shop