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upcycled hunting tag bracelet


Wear a little piece of history on your wrist.  We like the concept of making something new…especially if your name is Adams.  Oh, this is not an endorsement of hunting…

Finished with handmade copper links and fishhook clasp.

@ molliedash’s supermarkethq store

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hybrid house prefab – sander architects


Take the best attributes of prefab construction and trick them out with a variety of customized green components – that’s what L.A.-based Sander Architects has been doing for quite some time.  Their Hybrid House concept is home design they’ve developed over the last few years using a prefabricated metal frame, skin and roof.  The design offers major economies by using prefabricated building (warehouse) fabricators to manufacture the most expensive parts of the houses at a fraction of normal costs.  These part prefab,  part custom residences offer a “best of both worlds option” in green home building.


The home featured in this post is the Residence for Briard – the greenest Hybrid House Sander has built.  Green approaches and materials include: greywater systems, passive heating and cooling strategies, cistern to capture rainwater for watering the landscape, recycled blue jean insulation, sunflower seed wall board, bamboo flooring, marmoleum, structural steel frames from recycled steel, and a bunch more.


Residence for a Briard came out of conversations with the owners who found an old bungalow in Culver City which they initially envisioned as a renovation.  After discussions with architect Whitney Sander they realized that they could take advantage of his Hybrid House to build a ground-up duplex for only slightly more than the proposed budget of the renovation.

A big issue – accommodating the design needs of the client’s huge dog (a Briard – for which the home is named) which influenced many of the home’s design components – from stair design to finishing materials.

Project cost:  $500,000 — 3,800sf @ +/- $130sf; (includes site prep, foundation, hookups, all construction hard costs).

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Ford Dreams Up a Smaller, Greener Engine

One of the more realistic concepts unveiled at last week’s auto show in Beijing, the FordStart” takes green in a slightly different direction. Instead of advanced hybrid technology or bettering the plug-in, the automaker is keeping things simple, or perhaps, making them even simpler.


With the “Start,” Ford is downsizing their touted EcoBoost engine to create a three-cylinder variant, slated for production in roughly three years. The engine concept (via: has been in the works for the past 20 years, according to Ford, but unable to generate enough  horsepower to be practical until mated with EcoBoost technology.


Three hundred pounds lighter than similarly sized cars, due to a high-strength aluminum and steel body, the car could emit less than 100 g/km of carbon dioxide thanks to the naturally aspirated 1.0-liter engine, which runs on gasoline and produces the power of a stronger four-cylinder inline.


While it’s likely to be offered to countries like India first, it’s rumored that the new Ford Fiesta or Kia’s compact car could offer the engine in the near future.

For the time being, the bustle of emerging mega-cities makes an ideal setting for the small, fuel-efficient car crafted of recyclable materials. It may not be as eye-catching as GM’s urban mobility concept (, but it boasts an innovative powertrain that just may prove good things come in small packages.

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timberland earthkeeper 2.0 Greenslide sandals


Check out these new Timberland Earthkeeper 2.0 Greenslide sandals with leather from a silver-rated tannery and Green Rubber™ material in the soles. When you’re finished abusing these sandals, just return them to Timberland for recycling.  Timberland will keep 70% of the components out of the landfill and give them a new lease of life as future footwear.
Designed for disassembly, 70% of the components can be separated and recycled or reused.  The 42% recycled Green Rubber™ textured outsole provides traction.  But alas, my vegan friends – they are still, unfortunately made of leather.

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