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Ticonderoga Dixon for eco pencils and eco crayons

Before there were computers and even typewriters, there were pencils — simple, low-tech writing utensils which may appear eco friendly, (no electricity required).  Yet, along with fun-inducing crayons, their manufacture has the unfortunate ability to adversely affect our environment.


Conventionally made pencils require trees and carbon, and traditional crayons require petroleum — what’s an eco minded individual need to do, to stay the course?

Look for eco friendly options like these, found at

  • Pencils (3 sets of 12 / 36 minimum order, $4.79 )
  • Prang, soybean blend of biodegradable crayons ($2.45 for 24 or $5.49 for box of 64)
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

IPATH – 3 new hemp Cat styles


Just like people, some shoes are cooler than others.

IPATH has been creating hip eco sneaks for guys who board and bike since 1999.  Be the first cat on your block to kick back in stylish, durable hemp footwear now designed for everyday scenes — whether schoolyard, casual office or backyard.




Check out those stash pockets (under the tongue) for keeping tiny valuables safe.

(L to R, above) – Turtle Dove and Natural ($74.95); Black Hemp ($79.95) @

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eco news roundup


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Burpee promotes kids’ gardening


W. Atlee Burpee & Co. is encouraging younger and novice gardeners to grow their own (fruits and veggies of course) with its children’s gardening publications, the Burpee Home Gardens® I Can Grow Guide.

The guide offers ideas for teachers, youth group leaders and volunteers on how to cultivate a successful youth garden program.  This resource is in addition to the Burpee Home Gardens Garden Fresh gardening guide that covers virtually every aspect of how to start and maintain a home garden for beginners.

Home gardening promotes growing and consuming local produce – an endeavor that fosters not only a healthy diet – but also helps the planet by reducing the shipment of produce from other regions.  Gardening also enhances self esteem, good work habits and a stronger bond with nature, and what one eats – all good stuff.  Needless to say, it’s also a great way to get kids away from the tv and computer — and into the world outside.

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