No, this isn’t George Clinton’s weekend home.  Green architect and off-grid design expert Michael Reynolds and his Taos, New Mexico based architectural firm, Earthship Biotecture, have been thinking outside the box for 40 years or so.


Their Earthship design incorporates recycled tires for wall construction and insulation; rammed earth for heat and cooling effects; wind + solar energy; recycled, found and indigenous materials; greywater systems; a greenhouse and a rainwater capture system.


Features: uses rainwater/snow melt 4 times, eliminates utility bills with solar and wind energy systems, sewage runs through indoor and outdoor treatment cells and is reused in food production etc., construction insures comfortable living temperatures in any climate without wires or pipes.


Plans include designs for one, two and three bedroom Earthships.  Come to think of it, this might be just far enough off-grid for George Clinton.

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