Eco_Clean_Spray.jpgTalk about serendipity!  The day I moved into a new apartment I happened to receive a complimentary bottle of Eco Clean Kitchen Counter Top – for the purposes of this review.

So I immediately put it to the test.  I’ve been spraying it on every kitchen cabinet, shelf and counter top surface for the past several days and in a word, it’s fantastic.  Scented with essential oils, the Orange & Rosemary cleaner smells so good, it could almost be used as an air freshner.

Made in Denmark, the land of highly eco and energy minded individuals, the non-toxic Eco Clean line is free from parabens, phosphates, bleach, ammonia and petro chemicals.  It’s cleaning power is derived from plant and sugar based surfactants – specifically, fatty acids of sugar beets, (D-Glucopyranose) a sustainable, renewable, readily biodegradable plant.

In addition to the products in the photo below, Bathroom Cleaner, Dish Wash and Hand Wash round out the Eco Clean product line.


According to the company, “D-Glucopyranose has exceptional detergency properties even on oily and cosmetic stains.”  Danish scientist Jens Erik Hansen toiled for five years perfecting their proprietary formula called Active Eco Boost (AEB), a natural amino acid derivative.


Eco Clean is packaged in fully recyclable PET (recycled plastic) spray heads and bottles.  The bottles are also fully biodegradable.  To top it off, the nozzle is rather nifty — it features a special foaming option, as well as the usual spray setting.

Cleaning is easy.  Shake the bottle, spray Eco Clean on surface and wipe with a dry cloth.  No rinsing necessary.  The stuff really works.  We give Eco Clean a definite, green thumbs up.

Find, ($4.49) at and Duane Reade stores.  Or checkout their Facebook page for more info.