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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


residential green roofs from goode green


We’re always on the prowl for great green roof designs, earth-friendly designs that add a touch of green to the urban tundra or the cookie-cutter world of suburban subdivisions.  NYC headquartered Goode Green are green roof designers and installation experts.  They work on both residential and commercial project.  Here are some pix of their various projects.





Some of the benefits of a green roof installation:  provides insulation that can dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs, reduces and regulates storm water run-off and associated pollution, protects the roof’s membrane and provides a green space in an otherwise barren, heat creating environment.

Just a thought – if you own a restaurant or hotel you might want to contemplate growing your own organic veggies on the roof.  See below for more:



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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

eco deal of the day: Better World Books



In honor of Labor Day, Better World Books is featuring this special all week:

Starting today Tuesday, August 31st (and ending September 8th), books in the Bargain Bin will be 4 for $10. And there’s always free shipping … @

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Ingenious Plastic-to-Oil Machine

Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?  This could seriously revolutionize our insanely oil-hungry world and significantly reduce the amount of overloaded landfills around the world.  Check out the YouTube video below for an explanation from the inventor himself on how the machine melts any type of plastic down to crude gas.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a simple concept!  Plastic is made of oil.  So melting the plastic back down should bring it back to its original form, right?  This is just what a Japanese company, Blest, has invented!  It can be further refined into gasoline, diesel, and even kerosene.  Just one kilogram of plastic can produce nearly one liter of oil using only 1 kilowatt of electricity.


Blest’s CEO, Akinori Ito, states that there are over sixty machines already installed in farms, fisheries, and small factories in Japan.  “If we burn plastic, we generate toxins and a large amount of carbon dioxide.  If we convert it into oil, we save CO2 and at the same time increase people’s awareness about the value of plastic garbage,” Akinori Ito, CEO of Blest.

Hopefully this machine can be distributed abroad to reduce severe waste management problems across the world. 

Oh the Japanese, always a step ahead of the technology game!!

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snazzy looking recycled soda tab bracelet – really!


This little eco-friendly bracelet will definitely get you noticed.  Made from upcycled silver soda tabs that have been cleaned 3 times and buffed – also features a little gray ribbon to ‘soften’ the whole deal.


A clever way to upcycle waste and ecofashion your jewelry — it comes in a variety of other colors – at an attractive $12 @ dubsandkittle’s etsy shop

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Seed Bombs in San Diego County

I saw a gumball vending machine, put in two quarters, turned the knob, and out rolled a brown seed bomb??  Wait a second…this isn’t a gumball machine!


Recently, seed bomb vending machines have been popping up in San Diego and New York areas thanks to Jim Mumford at Greenscaped Buildings’ brilliant idea for unofficial planting.  He uses repurposed dispensers that hold little seed bombs of native flower seeds and compost held together by clay.  How cute is that?!  A little ball of flower seeds perfect for a mini explosion of native wildflowers on a neighbors’ lawn or between cracks in the sidewalk.

“Guerilla gardening” is prompting the community to easily become involved in planting flowers in and around the cities for only fifty cents per bomb.  It’s a great way for children and lackadaisical adults to see and make changes to their environment.  Daniel Phillips, creator of the Green Aid program and Culver City designer, said, “Seed bombs are a kind of gateway drug in expanding your awareness that you have the ability to do something.”

Hopefully these seed bomb dispensers start showing up around your area…and at fifty cents a pop why not let out our inner flower child :)

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