This week’s focus is on eco undies — those little ditties that can really make our day.  Am I right?  After a good night’s sleep and refreshing shower, what’s better than slipping into soft and comfy under garments? (okay, aside from slipping back under the covers…)  Ranging from hemp, soy, bamboo, organic cotton and recycled pine tree chips, nothing beats eco fashioned fine underoos for sustainable comfort.


(above L to R) Green Cheeks features a sweet array of eco chic options, many of which are now on sale. Sweet Skins’ low-rise, full bottom bikini; a hemp & organic cotton blend, made with low impact dyes; ($12/each) in mauve, natural or black. From NYC-based Ekovaruhuset, frilly organic cotton panties.


(above) Happiness Hipster comes in your choice of reclaimed and organic cotton jersey knits & elastic trim; cotton lining, $20 @ undertheroot.


(above) Cute soyshorts (soy meets boyshorts); set of 3 @ $19 from


(above) Luxuriously soft and fabricated from recycled pine tree chips, these undies are completely biodegradable.  When you toss them, they’ll naturally decompose rather than last forever in a landfill.  from across the pond, find @ 9=g.8.


And for a bit of accessorizing, choose your favorite color – Nixie Garden Guardhers; made to order, ($55) – find @

Here’s to a swell weekend – relax and have fun.