How do you make a home that looks this great – green?  Combine a geothermal heating and cooling system, with loads of cross ventilation, tankless-toilets, low-flow faucets, a rainwater capture system, a living, green roof – and a 15KW wind turbine capable of powering the whole deal – and you have a designer home that’s fast on its way to LEED Silver Certification.



Designed by Peter Gluck and Partners of NYC, the home which sits high up amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains, possesses a very compelling 100 mile view.   The house is divided into 3 programmatic zones, kitchen/dining, sleeping and recreation.




The 3 zone set-up allows the owners to only open the sections needed.  The indoor pool and recreation systems are located beneath the living/dining area and buried into the hill to reduce the home’s mass on the site and preserve as much of the view from above as possible.


Native plants were used in landscaping and the green roof, which was designed and installed by Living Roofs, Inc.  Responsibly harvested local materials were used in construction wherever possible.


Additional sustainable features and systems include a heat pump for the geothermal heating system, super efficient LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures and sugar-based open cell blown insulation throughout.

green roof photo credit: Living Roofs