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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Savvy Rest – an exclusive interview with founder Michael Penny

A good night’s sleep is important, letting our bodies and minds fully rest is like receiving a little piece of heaven.  Having recently researched many mattress options and finally acquired a new organic latex mattress, we wanted to shed some light on our company of choice:  Savvy Rest.  Our exclusive interview with Michael Penny, CEO and founder of Savvy Rest, a leading maker of organic mattresses, follows….

asr7.jpgAs founder of Savvy Rest, please tell us about the materials you employ in creating your mattresses, mattress covers and pillows.
Back when we started in 2005, mattress companies were commonly using PBDE’s as flame retardants, as well as other chemicals that we couldn’t even pronounce; and there were no labeling requirements. We knew that the new open flame test for mattresses was coming (it was required nationally starting in 2007).  So we wanted an alternative that was safe, comfortable, and durable. Two out of three was not an option.

Why did you decided to offer mattresses that can be made of either Talalay and/or Dunlop natural latex?
Dunlop has been around for much longer and is a very reliable process for making latex. Natural Talalay was just coming on the market in 2006 (we were among their first orders), and natural Talalay has a unique kind of soft feel that you just cannot achieve as well using the Dunlop process. Sometimes people like to combine them in a mattress–Talalay for an extra-luxurious soft surface, and Dunlop for very stable support underneath.

What’s the difference between each material – is one more “body friendly” or “planet-friendly” than the other?

Natural Talalay can be made to feel very soft, and it’s springier than Dunlop. Our Dunlop latex is made by Cocolatex in India and has recently been certified organic according to USDA standards. It is the first company to achieve this certification.


We noticed the casings are made from organic wool and organic cotton – what made you choose that particular combination of fibers?
We actually use organic wool fiber and organic cotton fabric. We don’t think that cotton fiber is a great material to use in a mattress because it compresses so quickly and tends to attract and retain moisture. It doesn’t matter whether cotton fiber is organic or not. It still will compress too fast.

Wool fiber, on the other hand, has microscopic scales on each strand which create excellent loft, and for a longer period of time. It does compress to some degree, but not as much as cotton fiber. If you limit the thickness of a wool fiber layer, it won’t create a body impression. Wool fiber also wicks moisture away from the body.

Cotton fabric is spun and woven — compression isn’t an issue with fabric. And because cotton is soft and strong, it works very well for a mattress casing.


What is the most common misconception in the minds of potential natural mattress buyers today, and how do you address it?
Probably the biggest error in thinking is that the word “natural” is all one needs to know. When practically anything, including petroleum, can be labeled natural, the “natural” label doesn’t carry much weight.

…But when you check for organic certifications, that’s when the descriptive term at least has to pass some standards….And these days, there is so much greenwashing–such as claiming a food or product is organic when it’s not–that certification truly matters more than ever.

In these tough economic times, what’s the current trend in mattress sales — percentage wise, are consumers moving toward choosing this type of bedding (natural, organic and healthful) as opposed to conventional mattresses?
More and more people are being introduced to the concept that we spend so much time on a mattress that the air quality around it contributes a lot to our health….or sadly, detracts from it.

Generally there is more awareness of how building materials impact our health. However, once someone realizes how much more contact we have with our mattress than building materials–you’re in intimate contact with this large object literally for years, breathing in whatever it’s “breathing out”– it’s an obvious and abrupt wake-up call.

Your personal journey from “ashram to organic mattress purveyor” is awe-inspiring.  What advice to have for others seeking their path in life?
There are many different kinds of people in this world. My advice is to pay attention to the perspectives of people different from you.

What do I mean by that? If you are a fantastic businessperson, and you work well solving problems that are outside of you, pay enough attention to the inner world.

If you feel that you are successful at navigating the inner world, remember that everything happens in time or not at all. It’s okay to say that time is an illusion, but time does matter. Let’s suppose that you have a dream, for example, to land on the moon, and your death occurs before your achievement, you missed your dream.

Some things happen through will; some things happen through grace, but both are usually required to accomplish great things.

No matter who you are or what you do, allow life to touch you…now.

By the way, congratulations, Michael, on making The Inc. 500 for 2010 – (Inc.’s recent list of Fastest Growing privately held companies; September 2010).  We thank you for your time, love our Savvy Rest mattress and wish you much continued success.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

reclaimed sterling silver black wolf ring


Hungry like a wolf?  Are you a closet Twilight fan who needs to take sides?  Or, perhaps you support the re-introduction of the wolf into Yellowstone Park and the western U.S..

No worries, it’s all good.  This antique-looking Black Wolf ring is handmade from reclaimed, oxidized sterling silver by Species by the Thousands who specialize in such things.

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green news roundup


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

retro-green: recycled old bakelite phones become sexy MP3 speakers


The off-beat design team of Jinsop Lee, Justin Kim and their Uncle Oswald is My Hero design company have created their “Dreyfuss Special” line of MP3 speaker systems from the remains of defunct Bakelite phones.


The ubiquitous old phones were originally designed by Henry Dreyfuss whose phones were used the world over for 50 years.  Unfortunately, the Dreyfuss phones were made of non-biodegradable Bakelite, a material so strong it will remain intact in landfills in perpetuity.  The Dreyfuss phone’s rebirth as a new product is a nice eco-friendly touch.


The “Dreyfuss Special” recently received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2010 (honourable mention).   Lee and Kim are now in search of additional funding for retail production of the “Special,” which in addition to being a great looking recycled gadget, is purported to produce some nice sound.

via: recyclart

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the tea party guide to green


Here are some tips on how to support the Tea Party’s green platform…we jest, of course:)

  • Global Warming – First disregard all scientific evidence.  Consult meteorological experts like Glenn Beck (he does use a blackboard), and Sarah Palin.  They have a firm grasp on middle America’s political temperature.  Any day that falls below the daily average temperature is a strike against man-made climate change – any day with above average temps is just a good old heatwave.
  • Emulate Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell by avoiding masturbation and abstaining from pre-marital sex – 2 potentially dangerous man-made sources of global warming.
  • b1.jpgFollow Republican Congressional leader John Boehner’s lead and slather on the self-tanner.  Our thinning atmosphere can cause harmful skin cancers (John McCain) an affliction that can undermine the Party of No’s position on climate change.  Besides, becoming your own bizarrely orange version of the sun can only help draw attention away from any real issues…like that meticulously manicured hair.
  • Lowering our deficit is Job One.  Cut funding and grants to special interest groups – specifically, American-based alternative energy companies.  We all know that Al Gore’s investment in wind and solar energy is just a scam to fill his wallet with more cash to finance his those “therapeutic” massages and happy endings.
  • Concentrate on the key issues facing America.  Sure it will kill a few million trees, but we must demand a hard copy of every non-white American’s birth certificate for public examination.
  • Illegal immigration must be stopped.  Physically closing our borders may prevent some incidental animal migrations and isolate a few barn owl populations, but this needs to get done.  We’ve made a good start by fencing off some of our border with Mexico – now let’s get down to the serious business of closing our border with Canada to wayward Canadian comedians, Canadian geese and any stray bull moose looking to steal American jobs.
  • Drill baby drill!  Nothing kicks our economy into high gear like giving piles of cash to multinational oil companies.  As BP’s Gulf oil spill showed us – the oil clean-up biz has tremendous growth potential.
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