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eco fashion friday finds – turn up the green

On the cusp of Labor Day weekend, I’m torn between letting go of summer and looking forward to fall, my favorite of all seasons.  So, here are a few pieces from both seasons for this week’s small, edited collection of things that caught my eye.




(above) As usual, Nixxi exudes the epitome of uber cool, sustainably chic fashion…the autumn/winter 2010 collection is tailored from organic cotton, organic wool and hemp jersey.  Designer Jada-lee is featuring more coats and outer layers than ever before…(prices range from $76 for the Lounge Pant to $430 for a winter wrap).


(above) As featured on, beautiful pieces of sea glass become cool necklaces and pretty mementos of summer!


(above) Get 2 looks in this versatile piece – have fun choosing how you’d like to wear this handmade, 100 percent recycled silver necklace, with a lightly hammered edge; ($39) — from Australian based epheriell (on Etsy).


(above left to right)

  • Emily Ryan is Portland, Oregon based and she loves designing made to order, like this Gathered Jersey Tunic in black; ($88).
  • Tel Aviv-based, PopLoveDesigns takes once-loved clothing and reworks it into one of a kind wonders.  Would you wear this sleeveless, fitted, teal tunic? It features custom screen print of wacky Macdollars…on sale now, ($29) @ PopLoveDesigns on Etsy.



(above) From Brooklyn-based, Samantha Pleet (who’ll be on the upcoming GreenShows runway in NYC) — Dirty Librarian Chains vintage jewels for planet-friendly accessorizing.  Current bids — Green Bead Earrings, $25; Groovy Tiered Pendant, $50; and the silver canoe pin is only ten dollars (plus $5 delivery).

Before signing off & wishing you an enjoyable, low carbon impact weekend, please remember to love what you have, and only buy what you need…there’s only one, inhabitable Earth.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

make your Apple iPhone 4G both safer + a little greener – bioserie plant-based cover


No petrochemicals thank you!  Want to protect your precious iPhone and become a little more eco-friendly in the process?  A company called bioserie has created a line of bio-plastic covers for the iPhone 4G, which it has added to its existing line of plant-based Apple accessories and Iphone 3G covers.  The cover is made of a unique blend of bioser1.jpgbiodegradable and environmentally friendly components derived entirely from plants and other annually renewable natural resources.

The iPhone 4G cover contains Ingeo biopolymer, which is licensed from NatureWorks, bioserie’s partner in developing the product.  The biopolymer is made in the USA, and derived from plant sugars.

Unique ridges on the front of the cover protect iPhone’s glass screen during face down placement or if you drop your phone.  The slim profile case has a textured pattern on the back to improve grip.

You can order the case in variety of colors @ for $29.95

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getting industrial – recycled steel drum = designer seating – Stanker


Recycling taken to the next level.  The ‘Nelson’ chair is the creation of French artist, visionary furniture designer and high-end recycler, Francois Royer and Stanker Design.  This industrial seating unit is an eye-catching amalgamation of recycled brushed silver steel drum, repurposed birch bedbase slats and a couple of rubber stops.



Feel free to checkout our previous posts on Monsieur Royer’s work.

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Redhanded Bags – vegan & made in the USA


If you’re looking for a handbag that keeps its shape, check out the Gina from Redhanded’s new collection of eco-stylish & vegan bags…classic lines in classic black; faux leather with organic hemp lining.

Designer Trace Russomano puts her unique spin on totes, clutches & carry-alls — working with high quality VOC-free faux leather; linings made from recycled material, certified organic hemp or bamboo; and with finishing touches made of either brushed nickel or solid brass. Each one nicely made in the USA under sweatshop-free working conditions.  ($135) @

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today’s mixed bag of green news


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