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Savvy Rest – a tried and true green product review


My husband and I recently moved into a new condo and one of the essential items we decided to buy “when we got there” was a new mattress.  Our journey to our new digs was a long and curvy one, so along the way we rented furnished apartments or stayed with welcoming family and friends.

Although there were many fun times as we traveled from pillar to post, unfortunately, we slept on a Rogue’s Gallery of pain inducing mattresses, the bedding equivalent of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.”  After having endured the worst, we embarked on a hands-on and heine-down search for the perfect sleeping platform.

We knew we did not want a traditional mattress and box spring set-up — it was important to us to explore some organic mattress, (chemical free) options. But the search included just about everything — memory foam, TempurPedic, wool, inflatable, some kind of ‘Number’ thing mattress and then we found it:  the Savvy…nirvana:)

We were lucky enough to be offered to try Savvy’s Queen Serenity Mattress gratis, and we jumped on it.

savrest2.jpg After a phone consultation with Gopal, a very knowledgeable and thoughtful representative, we ordered a natural latex mattress that’s comprised of the following 3 layers:  Dunlop Firm on the bottom; Dunlop Medium (split); and Medium & Soft Talalay top split (half of each firmness).  These layers all rest on a 5-inch foundation and are wrapped in a 100 percent organic cotton & wool, zippered casement.

The split approach allows for customization of firmness, according to an individual’s personal preferences.  Hence, my husband’s side of the mattress is a bit firmer than mine.  And we don’t feel an opening in the split area of the mattress.  The material is so thick, it sort of melds together nicely.  Our bed rocks! No more tossing and turning.  No more neck or back pain.  Just sweet bliss – all night long.

By the way, the company policy is — if you’re not satisfied, you can return the layer and exchange it for another; (there’s a small fee to cover delivery).  And the mattress comes with a 20-year warranty.

Oh, and a little side note. I was a little leery when I learned that it would be “curbside” delivery, but that went surprisingly smoothly.  The delivery guy and my building’s super rang my apartment doorbell and before I knew it, we were in!  Having seen a video on their site explaining how to assemble the layers, we put it together in a flash, it literally took no more than 15 minutes or so.

Our company representative, Gopal, was expert and adept at providing us the info we needed in order to make a sound decision.  This was not your standard box spring and mattress set up so the unfamiliarity made me apprehensive.  But my advice is, don’t be fearful.  The degree of comfort and sound sleep you’ll experience are well worth the journey.  Gopal held my hand and guided me patiently through every step.  And for this we are most grateful.  Sweet dreams are made of this…

For more info, visit  Here’s a nice video about Savvy Rest’s Dunlop latex production and another brief video about the benefits of Talalay latex.

As mentioned above, Savvy Rest generously provided us with a complimentary mattress.  In turn, we agreed to provide a no-strings-attached Tried and True Review.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

eco-dog deal of the day: olive green dog

Summer’s gone, time to reflect, re-energize and work on one’s wardrobe and personal presentation. Our good friends at Olive Green Dog have some great sales going on for dogs of all sizes and descriptions. Here are a few of my favorites.


seamlksupprofside___1_1_1.JPGFor all you designer label-chasing hounds – world-renowned eco-fashion designer Deborah Lindquist has really gone to the dogs… just kidding. She designed these cute doggie sweaters from 100% recycled cashmere. Depending on which way your doggie-door swings you can either go all peace + love (Peace on left above), or macho (Skull sweater).  Marked down from a pricey $90 to a very reasonable $45. Limited supply – so hustle!


This “Bad to the Bone” doggie bowl set (above) from Chowtime Productions captures my essence completely.  Hand-painted, with every hue applied 3-4 times, these ceramic babies are Bisque-fired not once, but twice and sealed with a handmade, lead-free glaze. You can even microwave these bowls if you’re a pooch that needs his chow ‘just so’.  $30 a set, marked down from $60.  (You can even get them custom monogrammed.)


These handsome hemp collars from Good Dog (above) will help any pooch get his green on.  Made of eco-friendly hemp – these collars are durable, naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.  On sale for $11.40 each (marked down from $19) – a small price to pay for such a large dose of eco-style.

By the way, that’s me, Seamus the eco-friendly Boston Terrier (above, R).

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Bu – renewable bamboo bathroom sink


A new bathroom aesthetic:  Australian designer Phil Rose has conceived this sustainable, more natural design for the ubiquitous bathroom sink.  Rose’s ‘Bu Basin’ features a renewable, water-resistant bamboo sink and fixtures atop a reconstituted, ceramic-coated base.


The basin’s bamboo components and the base are intended to be sealed and coated with environmentally friendly, non-toxic finishes.   Shipping costs and energy use are reduced by making all components stackable and durable for compact shipping and long product life.

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