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Luis Valenzuela kicks off The GreenShows


Sunday night’s premier runway event for the GreenShows in NYC was quite exciting as Miami-based eco designer Luis Valenzuela took center stage.  With a serious devotion to creating works of art without harming the planet, he reuses found objects & materials, and upcycles them magically into stunning and unique fashion statements.


Born into a family steeped in a tradition of “waste not,” Luis is no newcomer to having eco conscious values; so in creating new works, he does what’s natural, second nature, by honoring Earth’s natural resources.


Opening and closing his show was an adorable child model looking beautifully coiffed and princess of the ball in gorgeous sparkly dresses (above).  Luis is full of good energy, and fun-loving.  His line was smart, sleek and glamorous.  Elegant gowns both skin tight or flowing, silk tunics floating over slacks, edgy cocktail length dresses, and much much more.   Photos are grabbed from our Luis Valenzuela on the Runway video.




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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

bio-plastic LED light


Designer Larry Jacobsen’s prototype for a futuristic, sustainable lighting fixture is made of bio-plastic and recycled aluminum.  The hanging fixture features energy-saving LED bulbs.  In addition to the design’s avoidance of petrochemically-based plastic,  I particularly like the combo of having light directed both up, and down.

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NYC Eco Fashion Week – the GreenShows

Here in the heart of Chelsea in NYC, I’ve attended two days (with one more to go, today) of eco fashion shows, aptly named, the GreenShows — produced by the inimitable Eric Dorfman and supported by his crack pr team, Kristina Ratliff and Ryan Urcia of State PR.

aa1f.jpgStaged in The Metropolitan Suite – a new eco conscious venue on the second floor of the Metropolitan Pavilion –  it’s the perfect place to debut the spring/summer collections 2011 of the show’s ten featured eco designers.

Whipping up all the creative for makeup and hair backstage are James Vincent of The Makeup Shows, in tandem with Youngblood Minerals makeup artists; and a crew of stylists from Hair Room Service.  At a fast and furious clip, they’ve created works of wonder to support each designer’s vision.

We’ll be bringing you more, with video highlights soon, so stay tuned.

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bicycle seat box from upcycled leather


I admit it, I don’t do bikes.  That being said, this little leather box from Walnut Studiolo is pretty cute.  You can store a spare inner tube, bike lock, or iPod in its hand-stitched confines.  Made from unfinished, upcycled leather scraps recovered from a factory near the designer’s Portland, Oregon studio.  Finished with neatsfoot and walnut dye.


Attaches under your bicycle seat.

$55 @ walnut studiolo’s supermarkethq shop

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I-Bench – reclaimed timber and demolition debris


A double positive – here’s a product made out of old growth lumber that requires no trees die in its making, and it sits on a base made of recycled industrial steel that would otherwise be headed straight for the landfill.


Reclaim Recycled Products has just released the I-Bench, the first product offering in its I-LINE product family.  The entire I-LINE furniture collection will be completely made of recycled materials, primarily reclaimed fir wood and i-beam from building demolition sites.


The zero carbon footprint bench features a simple, straight forward silhouette that limits waste and will last a long, long time.  Reclaim Recycled Products is a division of the Vancouver based construction management and design firm, Urban Green, (hence their ready access to demolition materials for recycling).  Additional products will be added to the line shortly, and as with the I-Bench, they will be available at the Reclaim web store.

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