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The GreenShows – Bodega Green for goodies

bodegagreen1_1.jpgEarlier this week, media types like myself were treated to some eco products at the GreenShowsBodega Green – rather than load everyone down with swag in a bag, we were given the opportunity to check out various freebees and help ourselves to whatever appealed to us – great concept!

Some of the goodies I was already familiar with; here’s what I selected:  A Perfume Organic‘s Green Rose scent with black truffle, chamomile & ylang ylang Primitive Lip Color in Cozumel (no parabens or synthetic preservatives)  Youngblood‘s Mineral Primer & Peridot (free of fragrance, oil, talc, parabens & animal dyes); Amika‘s Hydration Cream for deep conditioning hair treatment Luna Bar‘s new Protein Bar (12 grams; 200 calories) Earth Friendly’s ECOS laundry detergent  Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer (vanilla chai flavor; gluten-free; protein + fiber + antioxidants); 8oz = 100 calories);‘s Ennecence CitrusEscape Shower Gel & The Answer PMS System for skin 35+

After the whirlwind of Eco Fashion week, these goodies should help put that natural glow back on my face and green in my routine.  Many thanks to all, can’t wait to try!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

little cupcake bakeshop – more, please!


Amidst the GreenShows fabulous runway scene this week we feasted our eyes on another welcome sight of a different nature – refreshments!  Between shows yesterday afternoon the crew and media were treated to delicious cupcakes, compliments of the Little Cupcake Bakeshop.  Earlier in the week, guests were also served these yummy treats during some of the eco designer after-show parties, but at that point I just hadn’t a moment to indulge.


After one bite of a lemon cupcake, I had to learn more about these sweet goodies.  Turns out, they’re created from scratch with local, fresh ingredients in a carbon neutral bakeshop on Third Avenue in Brooklyn & they’ll soon open another shop at the corner of Mott & Prince in soho…the icing on the cake is that they’re reasonably priced.

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Green Wheels of the Week: Hyundai’s BlueOn


Another little car with big dreams has made its world debut.

If you haven’t tired of hearing about the electrifying strategies of Chevrolet and Nissan, Korean automaker Hyundai has entered the arena with a full-speed battery electric vehicle known as the BlueOn.  Ironically, the teeny four-door was unveiled at South Korea’s “Blue House” (similar to the U.S. White House), where it was announced that a fleet of 30 cars will participate in a two-year pilot program and promotional tour, kicking off at the G20 summit.

Powered by a lithium-polymer battery, the BlueOn serves up a range of approximately 87 miles on a single charge, which is noteworthy but far from best-in-class.  The battery’s juice can be replenished via a 220-volt or 380-volt outlet and off you can go… ahyund5_1.jpguntil you reach a top speed of 80 mph, that is. A 4.2-inch LCD display with voice guidance will notify you of charge status, and also point out where the nearest charging station is located, if needed.  With about $34 million invested in the BlueOn program, Hyundai is eager to get some cars on the road.  The company plans to produce roughly 2,500 BlueOns by the end of 2012.

Since we’re in the U.S., it will likely be a while before we’re privy to the BlueOn.  But that doesn’t mean the automaker is leaving us high and dry.  I’m not sure if you checked out the Sonata sedan recently, but it’s looking pretty as can be… and a hybrid powertrain option is just around the corner.

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eco news roundup


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