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reclaimed ’72 Chevy truck coffee table


My favorite Chevy was the green ’68 Impala that I had for about a month before it’s untimely demise on the short-end of a collision with a clump of Maple trees on a moonlit Massachusetts night, back in the day…but I digress.  The handsome coffee table pictured above was created by The Weld House, who specializes in creating such things from the remains of vehicles.

All the tubing, bolts and top were reclaimed from post-consumer discarded objects.  The truck was found abandoned in a field outside Fort Worth, Texas.  The bolts that once held the hood on the truck were re-used to hold the legs on the table.  The tubing for the legs were bought at a scrap yard.   The original truck is pictured below.


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Monday, September 27, 2010

freeganism – what goes around comes around


Carrie Oakley of compiled 50 posts on freeganism, “Recycled Reads – 50 Freegan Living Blog Posts We All Can Learn From” – dive in and check them out.

Related:  When we first mentioned food waste and freeganism, one of the comments we received on this particular post was from Jonathan Bloom who was penning a book about food waste… here we are three years later, and Jonathan Bloom’s, America’s Wasteland is due out October 12.  Congrats!  find more @

photo credit (above):

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the napoleon – recycled necktie wallets



Yes, in the cold, dark recesses of the last century – the 1970’s – I worked briefly as a child laborer in my family’s necktie business.  I have finally overcome the psychological damage inflicted by the experience to the extent that I can now post about these “Napoleon” wallets created from recycled neckties by Chicago’s Rogue Empire.  That being said, I will now return to my open-collar lifestyle, sans necktie.

vegan alert: parts of this wallet are made of leather

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Tips on: True Green versus Faux Green


Welcome to Amy Lizee, today’s Guest Blogger who sheds light on one of today’s most important topics:  How should a consumer evaluate a product or company before making a purchase and an investment in that company? …Amy can also be found at the new website,

The current green revolution in the consumer marketplace has brought with it many brilliant, eco-friendly ideas and products proceeded by the liars and the copycats. It is the separation of the truly eco-friendly products from the not eco-friendly ones that will give consumers power over this green technology and green living revolution. In addition, there are now many websites and resources consumers can use to get information regarding the products you choose to buy or use in your home and daily lives. As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power”.


First, let us start with a definition of a “green product.” A green product can most commonly be considered a product that reduces the impact of its design, development and usage on the environment and the Earth as a whole. Second, let me explain the qualities of a green product that allow it to reduce the impact on the environment.

Green Product Characteristics

  • Reduced toxicity of the product
  • ReusabilityEnergy efficiency
  • Responsible packaging
  • Uses recycled and/or organic components
  • Intelligent design
  • Using responsible and efficient manufacturing techniques

So, now you know what constitutes a green product, but how do you know if the product you are looking at is actually green or just a by-product of “greenwashing”. (more…)

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monday’s green news roundup


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