Here’s a fresh batch of snazzy vegan styles to perk up your fall wardrobe..

(above) From Olsen Haus:

  • uppers are made of recycled industrial waste from television screens
  • soles are composite rubber with details of recycled tires and sawdust
  • sustainable/renewable materials wood and cork are in the details.


(above)  Super stylish NYC-based cri de coeur (French, meaning cries of the heart) is always ahead of the pack…

  • Go over the knee with Dillon, a lace-up wedge boot in gorgeous ash, these babies are for serious eco fashionistas…sustainably made of vegan materials and manufactured in Los Angeles…Eco-friendly, low-VOC breathable PU upper & reclaimed wood sole.
  • Or step glamorously into the Hearts of Darkness with the Brilliance Platform Boot (PU Upper & lining; crepe rubber sole) and the Platform Pump (poly velvet upper, PU lining, crepe rubber sole) available in 3 smart colors; made in an ethical, sweat-shop free factory in China.


(above) Terra Plana makes some kicks that are purely vegan – get pumped in black, sassy Caecilia…

  • upper is made with ECO PU and ECO Nylon
  • insoles: nontoxic biodegradable gel pad
  • soles:  recycled rubber sole mixed with recycled woodchip pieces & wooden veneer covered heel.


(L to R, above) Beyond Skin keeps one step ahead – with ethically made boots Hendrix, (faux skin) and Finn (felt uppers)  as well as many more designer styles…on sale now @ EndlessShoes.com/ with free shipping to boot:).


(above)  With sleek buckles find classic flat, mid-calf or just over the knee boots from NEUAURA Shoes.  Their line is created without the use of leather, fur, silk, wool, shell or pearls; and no animal by-products are used during manufacturing or finishing processes.

We all have our vices, one of mine happens to be shoes.  Feel free to jump in with your faves for this season.