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one very big deal: Census of Marine Life


The ocean is HUGE.  Scientists have studied it for years and years and we still don’t know about everything that is out there.  But yesterday a huge step was taken in marine studies when a Census of Marine Life was finally completed consisting of maps and books and bringing the count to exactly 201,206 marine species.  Granted there most likely is much more than just 201,206 species living in our oceans, but this is a big step for marine scientists!  This project cost $650 million and took the efforts of more than 600 groups including non-profit organizations, governments, universities, and private foundations (the Sloan Foundation being the founder).


Not only is this marine census a huge feat for the scientific community, but the census will help to provide even more information to future studies about the mysterious depths.   Check out the Census of Marine Life website to see how the project got started and learn more about their plans for the future.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

renewable Halloween – alpaca fox mask and tail


Hesitant to put your kid’s head in a toxic rubber mask for 6 or 8 hours of trick-or-treating?  Might we suggest a more eco-friendly alternative?  This cute fox mask and tail costume tickled our fancy – it’s designed by Oeuf and made from renewable, kid-friendly alpaca.  (wool helps your body temp adjust — keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.)

find @ fawnandforest

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natural relief from minor aches and pains

We can’t let sore muscles bring us down.  I overdid it over the weekend awhile back …pulled too many cat o’ nines out of the pond…you know how that can be.  Ouch, did my lower back ache!  So I tried Badger Extra Strength Sore Muscle Rub and quickly received some much-needed temporary relief.


It’s made of extra virgin olive oil,  cayenne extract, beeswax, Castor oil; CO2 extracts of ginger, chili, calendula; essential oils of cardamom, lemongrass, rosemary, cinnamon and wild marjoram…many of those ingredients are certified organic by the USDA.  Just thought I’d pass along – it’s a powerful, great smelling, 100% natural balm.  what’s the rub @

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eco deal of the day – Reveal Handbag


A stylish bag at a handsome discount.  This cute Manhattan Cross Bag has some nice eco-friendly attributes.  It’s created from a combination of: polyester that’s made from recycled soda bottles; sustainable hemp, cruelty-free vegan leather and it sports a recycled zipper as well.

$29.50 (50% off ) @

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carbon gas recycling – Carbon Sciences’ gas-to-liquids energy solution


A company called Carbon Sciences is developing a breakthrough CO2 based gas-to-liquids technology that is purported to transform greenhouse gases into liquid portable fuels, such as:  gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.  The company is developing what they believe is a highly scalable clean-tech process to produce liquid fuels from both naturally occurring and human-made greenhouse gas emissions.  The raw material for the process can be recycled or harvested from industrial sources such as:  natural gas fields, refinery flare gas, landfill gas, municipal waste, or obtained from natural sources like algae and other biomass.  (more…)

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