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eco fashion friday finds – turn up the green

Okay all you fall fanatics, in between organic apple picking, pumpkin carving and hooking some bluefish off Montauk Point, nibble on our small, edited collection of eco stylish sustainable fare.


(above L to R) Feast your eyes on Stewart + Brown’s Freida Cowl Neck in Clove, 96% hemp and 4 % Spandex, ($98) @ Jute and Jackfruit.  Bring out the wild in Feral Childe’s Silk Meadow Dress made in NYC, ($210) @ Juno and Jove.


(above L to R) REVEAL just unveiled their brand spanking new Recycled Line of handbags made of recycled plastic bottles — recycled microsuede and recycled satin. Olio Quilted Tote in eggplant or ebony, ($78); or Malia Clutch an updated classic in a mix of recycled satin and vegan patent leather in plum, ocean or ebony, ($98).


(above) Is anyone still into dungeons and dragons and such, or has the world gone completely vampire-centric? For those left will a lingering affection for medieval mythology this Dragon Ring made from reclaimed Sterling Silver should do the trick. Created by Species by the Thousands.


(above) That fall wind is starting to howl – time to zip-on a comfy hoodie. This soothing color is  offered by Etsy-based Salt and is made out of sustainable hemp + soft organic cotton.


Cute wrap-up of eco conscious goods from head to toe and great deals via

Gotta dash – have a wonderful, low carbon impact weekend…

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Friday, October 8, 2010

MagicBulb – the first rechargeable LED lightbulb


Bad name for a good product.  This energy-efficient LED bulb may not be the brightest, but it does something no conventional light bulb can do – it can stay lit even if the power goes off.

magicbulb1.jpgHere’s how this green gadget works: The LED Magic Bulb has multiple functions which are operated by switches:

  • Bottom switch – can be used as a normal light bulb – when electricity supply is on, the bulb stays on – when electricity supply is off – the light stays off.
  • Middle switch – used for rapid recharging of the built in rechargeable battery – the light stays off.
  • Top switch – the light stays on when electricity supply is switched on and will stay on for 3 hours even if electricity is turned off, provided the built-in battery is fully charged.
  • The bulb can also be used as a hand-held flash light by pulling its built-in handle down from the bottom.

This LED comes in 4W and 2W models and runs anywhere from $25 to $60.  It contains no mercury, consumes up to 90% less electricity than an incandescent bulb and will give you years of use — a great emergency light source if your power goes off.  MagicBulb is marketed in America by LED International US, a division of Norway-based LED Electronics International AS.  Now about that name…

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Sun Chip Eaters Aren’t the Loud Type

Remember the beginning of this year when Frito-Lay launched its new biodegradable Sun Chips bags in hopes of befriending its consumers’ green side?  Well, that’s thrown out the window.


Now I know I poked some fun at Frito-Lay for making SUCH a noisy but green bag, (just below). But the company is now actually decreasing its biodegradable bag use to only one of six Sun Chip flavors due to consumer complaints!  I feel this is just plain wrong!  Am I alone here?

The company was using sustainable bags rather than plastic ones, like most other chip companies — and they get stung while doing something positive for the environment.  (Their sales actually decreased because of noise complaints.)  For once, it’s not all about youYou being us, humans.  You can’t always have your cake (or chip) and eat it, too!  I really hope Frito-Lay does not give up on researching alternative bag production methods.  Maybe there will be a quieter bag in the makings.  I’d love to know your thoughts on this…

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eco news roundup


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