This thorny skinned ‘Orc‘ mask from MindsEyeCreation is made with recycled junk mail paper mache and a lot of artistry.


Created solely from upcycled materials, the ‘Mustachioed Mechanical Gentleman‘ mask features a base that in its prior life was a video cassette case, and has now been molded and painted to look like formed brass. A cracked clock face, positioned with thick metal wire, hovers as a monocle in front of his right eye. A smattering of gears from a vintage clock add to this one-of-a-kind stick-held mask’s android appeal. Created, for all you Steampunk fans, by ArtisanMasker.


This yellow birdy mask, handcrafted by bnmerry, was born from recycled shoe box tissue, left over tissue paper from gifts, a pizza box, and the necessity to create a Halloween mask with no money.


This kid’s Giraffe mask is made from recycled cardboard.  Find it at Kangarooboo.com


This one’s a gimme.  Take an old, recycled gas mask and dress it up.  You can go formal or casual with this Goth Steampunk Octopus Gas Mask.


Recycled paper was tediously coiled for 22 hours to create this arty, handmade mask.  It only costs $78 – which equates to roughly $3.50 an hour.  By Artesa.