A little traveling music please…Mr. SiMo makes these fine little BoomCase sound systems primarily from vintage, recycled suitcases – the more kitchy-looking the better.



The self-powered, portable boombox systems work with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone jack.  Suitcase systems run from 30 to 200 watts.  Most of these portable stereos are re-chargeable and will keep the party rockin’ for  7+ hours on a single charge of the built-in charger.  In addition to running on batteries, BoomCases can also be plugged in; or if you’re the sedentary type, you can opt for a plug-in-only version.


Mr. SiMo professes to shy away from plastic, or thin, suitcases because of their inferior acoustic qualities.  He focuses on cases that are built with wood and leather because of the superior sound reproduction.  For a little extra dinero you can customize your suitcase stereo with additional options like a solar charger, laptop connector, or wireless playback capability.


Each case is custom made to the users liking. Options include: Ipod/USB Charger, Extra Batteries, Custom Paint and more.  Prices Start at $250.

via: uncrate