I hate to admit it, but I stereotype nutrition bars. I generalize most all of them as chewy, chalky and calorie-packed. And I don’t eat them. For as long as I can remember, I’ve relied on the consistently satisfying crunch of Nature Valley’s “Oats ‘N Honey” granola bars when I’m tossing a snack into a hiking sack or grabbing grub for a long plane ride. (On occasion, I indulge in a Bumble Bar, too, but since it’s mostly seeds, I don’t lump it into the nutrition bar category.)


But recently, the unthinkable happened. I found a bar that I like. And not just one flavor—an entire line-up—of nutrition bars that are not only tasty (really!), but full of stuff that does a body good. You can choose from Espresso Coffee (rich cocoa and coffee beans), Almond Raisin (you guessed it) or Cranberry Crunch (raisins, sesame seeds and crisp brown rice) versions, and best of all, they’re organic, gluten free and they include natural sweeteners like agave syrup and brown rice syrup. And for the adventurous traveler or dashboard diner, they don’t melt. Really. I tried. It might be tricky to peel the wrapper off a warm bar, but it’s doable, and totally worth it. Unlike a lot of options, these bars aren’t baked or cooked, so they retain all of those fresh nutrients. And they’re made with a minimal eight ingredients. Hard to believe that something so good can be so simple.

Made by Wings of Nature, these bars are currently sold locally, but you can order a box of 24 for yourself for $32 on the company’s website. Do you have a favorite bar that you can’t live without? If so, drop the name in the comment section. I’d love to hear the inside scoop on the best bite for your buck.

Full disclosure: Wings of Nature provided us a sampling of bars to taste-test.