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small carbon footprint – Muswell House


Adrian James Architects‘ Muswell House features their distinctive curved roof – designed to maximize the internal space, and a wall of glass in the open-plan living room to take advantage of the expansive southern views.



The house is innovative, both structurally and environmentally:  prefabricated engineered timber fills out the primary steel frame; the house is heated by a ground source heat pump; and a heat recovery ventilation system uses the stale exhaust air to heat the incoming fresh air — which all adds up to a very small carbon footprint.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

recycled ammunitions case wine rack


Channel your inner Hunter S. Thompson (cool) – or Ted Nugent (not so cool) – with this rustic and manly wine rack. If you have some empty ammo cases in your basement bunker, or man-cave, this makes a great DIY project.

The case also comes as a wine bar to accommodate your stash of wine glasses and a couple of bottles of your favorite elixir.

Each one is handmade from upcycled vintage boxes from the 1960’s to ’70’s.  Made in Canada.

Wine Rack:  $325

Wine Bar:  $300


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GE’s New Hybrid Halogen-CFL light bulb – instant brightness

One of the main drawbacks of using an eco-friendly compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) is that it takes a few minutes for it to reach full brightness — it’s problematic when you need light, quickly.


GE, however, may have seen the light — they’ve recently unveiled a hybrid light bulb that is due to market in 2011. This light bulb combines the instant brightness of a halogen bulb along with the efficiency and longer rated life of a CFL bulb. When turned on the halogen capsule turns on instantly, giving off bright light; and once the CFL bulb is in full brightness, the halogen capsule shuts off!


Moreover, these bulbs have a life 8x longer than incandescent bulbs, which means fewer replacements, saving money, and reducing landfill waste.

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monday’s dose of green news


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