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Emani Minerals – Natural and Organic Makeup


So many of our everyday beauty products are full of chemicals that have been linked to cancer, infertility and hormonal dysfunction. Why should we continue to use potentially harmful products when there are more natural-based products that work just as well (even better) as well as improve our skin?

Emani Minerals has a wide variety of natural and organic beauty products and tools that keep us looking beautiful – without any added chemicals. Emani Minerals is vegan friendly and free of talc or parabens!


One product I use and love is their liquid mineral foundation – it is enriched with vitamin A and provides protection from free radicals. It blends into natural skin perfectly, and provides a light, even glow! I use it with an ecotools bamboo foundation brush.

Emani offers everything from primers, to eyeshadows and lipsticks. They’re also committed to using 100% recycled paper goods in their packaging and making them 100% biodegradable. Emani is earth-friendly, and body-friendly…put it on your list:)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Depot + Recycling = LED Christmas Lights

As much as I hate to think about Christmas in October, sometimes it literally pays to get a jump on things.


Anyone looking to recycle and replace their non-working Christmas light strings can bring them to Home Depot between November 4 – 14th and receive a special offer on more efficient holiday lights.  Home Depot will recycle your broken strands and you can receive a $3.00 discount coupon towards the purchase of more energy efficient seasonal LED string lights — you may receive up to 5 redemptions.

Considering that LEDs use 80% less electricity than standard mini lights and last up to 10 times longer, as Martha would say, it’s a good thing.

(above, L to R) Speaking of the domestic diva, Home Depot’s stocking Martha’s newly introduced line of LED holiday lights; EcoSmart LED light strands as well as both traditional white and multi-colored ENERGY STAR qualified LED lights, which will allow you to link up to 87 strands (one-quarter mile of lights) without fear of overloading a circuit.  So mark your calender — dig up those tangled wires of broken lights, recycle and get a discount on some more efficient holiday lights.

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eco deal of the day: Soulra solar-powered iPod boombox


The sun keeps rising on solar-powered audio devices and this one’s on sale.


We haven’t tested the Soulra iPod music player, but it looks like it would be a fun green gadget to have around the pool or at the beach.  This solar-powered, rechargeable boombox is designed to work with Apple’s iPod and iPhone.  Some product details:

  • Full-range 8-watt RMS speaker draws power from a built-in solar panel.
  • water resistant exterior
  • 7 hours of continuous iPod or iPhone play per charge
  • includes rechargeable lithium-ion battery & remote
  • Built for iPod, and works with iPhone

find it marked down from $199 to $152.63 @

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recycled sterling silver Cougar Ring


Are you a cougar?  This ring may help send a subtle, or not so subtle, message regarding your amorous proclivities.

Made of recycled sterling silver by one of our eco jewelry-making faves, Brooklyn’s Species by the Thousands.

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Get Glovd and slip on some peace of mind


Winter cold season is around the corner – and we all know that germs lurk everywhere we go.  And if you’re adverse to touching things like subway handrails, supermarket carts, airport doors and ATM pads — now you can help fight off germs while on the go with Get Glovd.

aggl2.jpgMade from naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial organically certified bamboo, 10% nylon and 2% spandex for stretchability; and providing fingertip agility – to enable ease in handling the little essentials – coins, keys, cash and credit cards.  Cashmere-soft and lightweight for total comfort.  Three styles:  children, women’s,  men’s.

Children’s, $10.99; Adult’s, $19.99.
find @

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