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upcycled junk becomes treasure – katie thompson’s recreate


Take something tired, old, and discarded and recycle it into a finely crafted piece of home furnishing.  That’s just what South African designer, Katie Thompson and Recreate does.  Infused with renewed energy and style in a new form, each of Katie’s pieces speaks to her unique design sense.  We feature a few of our favorite furniture pieces – many made from old, upcycled luggage – after the jump.




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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Agloves – stay digital when those digits drop


Cold hands, warm heart…and love to text?

According to owner Jean Spencer, the silver threads woven into these lightweight gloves will keep you warm while you text on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Droid, and other devices via the conductivity in your touch screen.

Here’s the science:  “Good old number 47 (Ag) in the periodic table (and number 1 in our hearts) is the most electrically conductive element.  Agloves are made with silver coated nylon fivers knitted into a comfortable fabric that puts the conductivity back in your touch.  Conductive gloves is what your touch screen loves.”


Other details:  they’re washable; unisex and may serve some best as a glove liner if it’s really freezing outside; $17.99/pair.

Grab a pair and let your fingers do the talking even in the cold @

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green Halloween – the woodland nymph moss mask


Any aspiring wood nymphs in the house?  This Woodland Nymph Half Face Mask is handmade (to order) by Honolulu-based balmasque.  It takes a couple of weeks to make and ship, so it’s probably not an option for this weekend’s Halloween festivities…though if you have a modicum of design skills and live next to an enchanted, moss-covered forest, you may be able to go all DIY and whip up one of these yourself.  There are other handmade masquerade style masks available as well.

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thursday’s eco news roundup


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eco deal of the day: Whole Foods


There’s a nationwide, one-day sale going on tomorrow and I’m kinda geeked about it.  Half off organic Honeycrisp apples – they’re the bomb.  Tomorrow, (Friday, 10/29)  only:  $1.49/lb.

But hey, there’s more — while you’re there, save some green on other organic items – chicken stock, Sonyfield yogurt, Spectrum Olive Oil, Muir Glen, Seeds of Change, Dagoba Chocolate…find via their printable coupons.

Whole Foods’ latest issue of Whole Deals features some great values.  With Halloween parties and Thanksgiving celebrations around the corner, stocking up can really add up so try to cash-in on store specials.

Of course, tote those reusable bags and receive 10 cents for every bag you use.  See you there:)

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