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Give Your Furniture a Green Makeover

Many thanks to our guest blogger, Caroline Smith, who created this custom post for us.  Caroline is a keen “freecycler” and runs a website that offers a range of slipcovers for most types of furniture.  (We love Freecycle and support reducing, reusing and recycling everything.)


Are you ready for a different style of decor, but your furniture’s still in good condition?  Do you want to redecorate for the holidays but can’t fit new furnishings into your budget ?  Does it bother you to have to throw out perfectly usable furnishings in the name of style? Are you concerned about waste and the overflowing landfills in this country? If so, you might want to consider utilizing slipcovers, Freecycle, and some of these green tips for recycling furniture. (more…)

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

music – Gorillaz – on Melancholy Hill

I think there’s a green message in here somewhere.  Anyhoo…we like it.

YouTube Preview Image
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