off_the_grid.jpgAuthor Nick Rosen is an award winning documentary filmmaker and journalist, but he also has firsthand knowledge of living Off the Grid – he’s been off grid part-time since 1994.

What drove him to travel across the USA and interview hundreds of others who are living off the grid?  With the growing number of households in the country, (he estimates that by 2010 there will be 520,000 homes and up to a million people living off the grid) — he wants to know what’s motivating these people, and he hopes to discover the best places to live off-grid in USA.

Interviewing hundreds of people from all walks of life, he uncovers a myriad of answers as diverse as nature herself:  billionaires just because they can; Americans who are fed up with the Man; those who can’t afford Uncle Sam; those who came to it incidentally; those who want to save money or the planet; or just plain Do-It-Yourself types looking to become more self sufficient.

Placing his subject’s personal experiences within a dynamic, relevant framework – a social, political and historical context — one can easily discern the subtext “Inside the movement for more space, less government and true independence in modern America.”  It is a movement and Rosen takes you inside.

nick_rosen.jpgYou’re tossed into a stew of alternative lifestyles and degrees of off-grid living — from Earthship dwellers, Earthaven, Ridgway, Telluride, and ski lovers living luxuriously off grid to destitute folks barely able to make ends meet in some Godforsaken patch of wilderness.  In the best sense, at times it felt a little like Kesey’s, are you on or off the bus?

I enjoyed reading Nick Rosen’s Off the Grid.  Anyone interested in getting the inside story about this growing trend in America would benefit from these colorful personal accounts, it’s a fact-filled read.  There’s a lot more to Off the Grid than simply generating electricity and water power.  Side note – Rosen reveals a soft spot for Thoreau…sprinkled here and there are nods to him…turns out Thoreau was also a part time off-gridder.

learn more: @ and Off the Grid – Inside the Movement trailer on Youtube

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