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Friday, December 31, 2010


winter woollies – eco chic hats & accessories

Sunshine or not, it’s still cold outside. Whether hiking through a winter wonderland or schussing around town, use your head to stave off those frigid temps and winds. Here’s today’s roundup of eco fashion Friday finds — wild and woolly accessories.


(above) Not all big bears hibernate in winter:  ooak, handmade from organic cotton; the Brown Bear Beanie; also available in strawberry, almond or pecan ($27) @


(above) Pull the wool over your ears – Coal Lara Knit Hoodie in beige or grey, 100% wool ($48) @


(above) Upcycled sweater – fingerless gloves / wool arm warmers ($23) @


(above from top) From Neve Designs, provider of US Ski Team wear, relax apre ski with the Eva Scarf and Eva Hat in ultra fine merino wool; several colorways; ($63.80 and $41.80 respectively)


(above L to R) Don’t be a hot head – SmartWool keeps your lid from overheating:

  • Popcorn Cable Hat in 3 colorways, on sale now ($24.93) @
  • Lightweight Crochet-Style Knit, choice of 4 smart colors ($35) @


(above L to R) Grab one for your guy:

  • thin and lightweight, cuffed beanie in SmartWool; choice of 4 cool colors ($25) @
  • Everest Designs Ear-flap Hat, hand-knit with New Zealand wool, lined with plush fleece ($29) @

Here’s to a wild and woolly new year’s weekend!  Cheers, see you next year…

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Friday, December 31, 2010

upcycled nyc street finds become furniture


Art director, designer and NYC man-about-town Carlos Sampietro has made a designer collection of furniture created from upcycled NYC street finds like the police barrier table pictured above. And, yes, he does sell his creations.


Traffic barrel chair (above).


An old radio cab sign becomes…well, a radio, (above).


(above) Before and After: Take One” newspaper bin is transformed into an aquarium.

via: trendhunter

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eco news roundup – 12.31.2010


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Thursday, December 30, 2010

organic champagne and bubbly for new year’s

It’s almost New Year’s … time is on the brain today … time to toast the past and welcome the future, while in the ever-fleeting present.

Wear your best. Do your best. Bring out the best, naturally.


After scouring Organic Wine Journal, here are a few organic libations of the bubbly celebratory sort that we’re considering trying:

  • Entertaining on a budget? These could be real crowd pleasers, given their reasonable price tags: organic Spanish Cavas, Italian Proseccos and Californian sparkling wines:

Certified Organic Prosecco Mionetto
fruity, not too sweet and crisp, goes well with food; $12-15/bottle.

Prosecco Riva Moretta – Perlage 2008
clean, crisp, lively and organic; $17.

Tarantas Cava 2008
gorgeous bubbles and low alcohol, a perfect aperitif; made with organically grown grapes; $14 at Whole Foods.

  • For the classically inclined, a couple of organic champagnes:

Domaine Cameros Brut Cuvee 2005
French Champagne made from organically gown grapes. Varietal blend:  64% pinot noir, 34% chardonnay and 2% pinot blanc, ($26); widely available.

Champagne Carte d’Or Brut – Serge Faust

The Real Thing! A dry, full-bodied brut from Champagne. Rich, full aromas, creamy texture and mature fruit flavors. Hints of yeast and nuts. Aged for three years to give this wine a rich, full aromas, creamy texture and mature fruit flavors. Made more complex by hints of yeast and nuts. This dry, full- bodied style of Champagne from mostly dark grapes is an excellent wine for hearty appetizers or a full dinner. AOC Champagne – Vandières (Marne) 70% Pinot Meunier, 25% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot Noir $40 @


A few stellar sparkling wines 2010 from Organic Wine Review:

Pizzolato Fields Proseccofruity, full and dry

Albet I Noya Cava NV – (I’ll bet I know ya) – Organic Cava from Spain

Gonet-Medeville Brut Champagne NVleave the OJ in the fridge

Cheers! Stay standing, mi amigas and amores.

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naked house – moveable, jigsaw puzzle prefab


British design and architectural firm dRMM created Naked House as a prototype for a sustainable, affordable, CO2 responsible, prefabricated timber home.


The 3-bedroom cookie-cutter home is designed to be erected anywhere in the world where there is road or sea access, and delivered as a flat pack in a standard container. The container would then form the structure’s base, elevating the house off the ground by the height of the container. The container can also be utilized as a storage unit, garage or boathouse. The nomadic Naked House is designed to be dismantled, repacked into the container, and moved to a new site anytime (you will need a crane).


The house can be manufactured in a hyper-efficient, streamlined process from a cut-out diagram. All the walls and components are numbered elements – including door and window openings – digitally pre-cut from cross-laminated timber panels made from fast growing soft woods. The components of the 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle are secured by super-long screws. It’s estimated the home can be assembled by four people with the help of a small crane in two days.


dRMM, an innovative London-based studio of architects and designers, was founded by Alex de Rijke, Philip Marsh and Sadie Morgan in 1995.

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