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upcycled mason jar solar light


Retro glass gets mod and moody … These solar powered lamps are made from vintage blue mason jars and give off a soothing blue glow. The atmospheric mood lights feature an LED bulb and solar panel in the lid. The solar lamp uses one AAA Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery to store its juice.

For vintage lovers, the silver stainless steel solar light lid closely resembles the old silver zinc style lids that were used for canning. Intended for outdoor use, they’ll shine brighter and longer with extended exposure to strong sunlight.

$18 for 1, and $55 for a set of 4 @ treasureagain’s etsy shop

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Solar Queen Elizabeth figurine – what’s up with that?


Bonny Prince Charles isn’t the only British Royal going ‘green’. Queen Elizabeth II has now gone solar. This little solar figure of the Queen Mother is the latest manifestation of our irrational obsession with all things ‘royal’.

Place the SOLAR QUEEN in sunlight and watch Her Majesty wave with a teensy, yet regal, twist of the wrist. This energy saving, indifferent gesture toward the ‘little people’ has been cultivated over centuries as the true mark of royalty. God save our culture.

blue or pink; ($20) @

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hydroleaf: solar-powered rainwater capture & purification station


This futuristic public hydration station was conceptualized by Mostafa Bonakdar, a design student from that bastion of green tech innovation – Tehran, Iran. Rainwater captured on the Hydroleaf’s solar panel/rainwater capture canopy would be funneled into the station’s filtration system.


Purified rainwater could then be dispensed to the thirsty masses. The entire system is powered by the on-board, photovoltaic solar canopy. The green gadget can also multitask as a hydrating bus shelter or public seating installation.

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