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Ethical Travel: Top Destinations in 2011


Each year, a list of 10 developing nations is published, honoring global hot spots that have been chosen as the most ethical destinations for travelers. The process, led by examines the roles of environmental protection, social welfare and human rights in each country—and considers the improvement in each over the past year.

In 2011, the list of must-visits spans the hemispheres, offering a destination for every type of traveler out there, whether you’re craving cool or tropical climates. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that you’re supporting an economy in need of tourism dollars, which has the rules and regulations in place that will in turn, help to pass your money onto those who need it most.

So, who made the list for 2011? Check out the list below, in alphabetical order, where we’ve included handy links to the country’s tourism websites:

Costa Rica

Notably missing from this year’s round-up are Africa and Asia. Why so? Africa, due to its sever human rights violations. And Asia, for all of the economic development projects hanging in limbo, poor human rights record and lacking environmental policies.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

handprinted, organic cotton bunny napkins


These super cute cloth napkins are hand-printed from the designer’s hand-drawn rabbit print. Hand-sewn from organic cotton; made in Oregon.


$22 for a set of 4; (19″ x 19″) @ Oh Little Bunny’s online storefront

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eco deal of the day: The Vegetarian Option


Want to save money, the planet … and your waistline?

Start eating less meat and more grain, fruit and veggies.

With 125 delicious recipes, learn how to mix and match flavors from British chef Simon Hopkinson.

only $15 @ (list price: $25)

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offbeat green news


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