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spice versa – space saving indoor herb garden


Here’s a space-saving concept for a hanging indoor spice garden from designer Ana Arquezo. A variety of herbs hang in a tastefully modern looking container that encloses a grow lamp and biodegradable plant gel for a growing medium. The water absorbent plant gel reduces the overall weight of the garden, and also makes watering a once a month endeavor.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

take your iPad off-grid with Voltaic’s Spark solar case


Voltaic Systems just announced the intro of its Spark Solar Case for tablets – specifically Apple’s iPad. The front of each case sports (4), two-Watt solar panels. The solar panels feature high-efficiency monocristalline cells on a lightweight surface encased in a clear waterproof coating. The case is designed to quickly charge a tablet, digital camera and many other small devices and gadgets.


The array will fully charge an iPad in about 10 hours. The case will provide one hour of iPad runtime for each hour of solar charging. In addition to charging via the sun, the case’s battery can also be quickly charged by plugging it directly into a wall socket.


  • 8 Watts solar power – panels available in silver, charcoal or orange
  • 30 Watt hour battery with low and high-power USB ports (charge tablets faster)
  • Charging cable with 5 standard adapters to connect to most handheld electronics
  • Weighs about 2 pounds including solar panels and battery

available spring 2011

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eco deals of the day: jackets for him & her


(above) Love the handsome print as well as hood, collar and pocket details; Kenai Flannel Hooded Jacket in planet-friendly organic cotton; 50% off, now $215 @


(above) Button up your overcoat … Love the big cuffs and loose fit; People Tree’s 3-Button organic cotton Fleece Jacket; 50% off, now $56.03 + free shipping @

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wednesday’s eco news roundup


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