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hungry cat ipod, iphone or camera case


Love the photo.  Designed by Zippercat, this Hungry Cat case will swallow and store any of your favorite little gadgets and gizmos. The felted wool pouch will appeal to cat lovers, anime fans and anyone looking another expression of their funky personal style. Great for packing your iPod, iPhone or digital camera…oh, one more thing – the design is inspired by Kato the Cat – pictured above.  $15 @

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Friday, January 21, 2011

eco fashion friday finds – turn up the green

oxfam vintage_1.jpg

(above) U.K.-based nonprofit, Oxfam is a global movement of people working to overcome poverty and suffering. Last year they launched the UK’s first online vintage charity shop and to help promote efforts, they just unveiled a stunning print and video ad campaign revealing the secret stories behind the vintage wear. These ads were created pro-bono by a team of top fashion creatives. Uncover eco-luxe (recycled/slightly used) designer vintage handbags, dresses and more at a fraction of their original cost; organized by category and presented by decade @


(above) Fashion scribe Eileen Conlan of uncovers which heavy hitters will be featured in the upcoming Runway to Green and where you’ll be able to buy these designer pieces online.


(above) Thank you, Stella McCartney! My search is over – (more…)

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Green Wheels of the Week: New made-in-the-US Chevy to get 40 mpg


Last week, the Detroit Auto Show featured a bevy of leaner, greener machines, but what I enjoyed most was the upped efficiency of traditional cars. I know that it’s not purely consumer demand driving the added mileage, but governmental regulations that have automakers keeping far closer tabs on the cumulative mpg of their offerings. Hey, whatever it takes is fine by me.

A prime example is the zippy, new Chevrolet Sonic. A compact car in sedan and hatchback styles, the Sonic will become available later this year as a 2012 model. It’s biggest draw, however, is its ability to eek out 40 mpg on the highway… that’s right up there with the mile-per-gallon boasts of alternative powertrains. At a far lesser cost.



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friday’s green news roundup


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eco deal of the day: Gaiam


Now through Monday (1/24/11), catch Gaiam’s 20% discount on an array of eco laundry essentials and green home cleaners…direct link to discounted healthy home products @
(above – Folding Bags for Sorting Recycling; set of 3, now $12.)

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