Today’s roundup of sustainably chic finds is devoted to accessorizing. It’s getting easier to look gorgeous and green today, regardless of your budget or personal style.


(above) The woodlands are abuzz over this handmade hemp Songbird handbag…not your grandma’s hippie dippie duds but a fresh take on sustainable fashion; ($48 in charcoal).


(above) The Phoenix necklace is created from vintage and reclaimed materials that have arisen from the scrap heap, aided of course by a hefty dose of human ingenuity and design chops; ($128).


(above) New from The Andean Collection is a line of beautifully handmade belts. Each purchase of an indigenous Inspiration Belt helps support the livelihoods of poverty-level women artisans in the Andes – (single $69; double $98).


(above) This new arm candy is designed to suit all sizes … small, medium, large and XL. Mango Tree Fitted Bangles are made from Grade A Organic Mango Trees that no longer yield any fruit. Eco-fashioned from sustainably sourced material, each pretty bangle is hand carved and hand painted. And due to variations in the wood itself, each one looks unique.

They come in an array of 50 colors and 3 different styles – Slim, Samba and Bold. (Slim & Samba styles retail for $16/solid style & $18/marbelized. Bold $20/solid and $22 marbelized.) Play on their website, mixing and matching styles and color combos.