When we previously posted about this wi-fi controlled electric back last year when the Shadow Ebike wasn’t yet for sale. Well the bike’s manufacturer, Canada-based Daymak, recently announced that they’re taking orders and they’ll start shipping bikes to customers on April 30th.

The Shadow Ebike, which is marketed as the world’s first power-assist wireless electric bike, features a Daymak Drive controller with wireless support. The controller talks directly to the throttle, brake lever and pedal assist.


The average electric bike has 40-feet of unappealing exposed wire on, or in, its frame. The Shadow Ebike has no exposed wires. Through its proprietary rim design, it has neatly integrated the battery and controller into one unit.

Brake and throttle controls work just like a conventional ebike -press the lever and the bike responds – only with this bike it’s via wireless connection.

The bike also features a USB/110V Plug so the rim and battery can be charged directly from an external power source in 4 to 8 hours. Another neat feature, you can also power your phone, notebook, or other small electronics via the bike.

The bike will retail for $1,999 which isn’t too bad for a high-end ebike…oh, in case you were wondering, the bike’s 2.4GHZ wireless component is paired so the chances of it dropping its connection and sending you hurtling off a cliff are about 1 in a billion.

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