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Lily Organics – a tried and true green product review


I recently received two free products from Lily Organics Skin Care: Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oils Treatment and Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask, for the purposes of this review. After two weeks of steady use, here’s the scoop:

lily_4.jpgThese products look, feel and smell good…they’re gentle and safe …and they really do the trick.

Lily’s Rejuvenating Oils Treatment is comprised solely of 7 organic (and vegan) oils: sweet almond oil, kukui oil, avocado oil, vitamin E oil, primrose oil, essential oil of lavender and rosehip seed oil.

Positioned as a wrinkle treatment for dry skin, it’s purported to “re-knit collagen and reduce wrinkles and appearance of fine lines.”

Needless to say, it’s extremely oily but with skin as dry as mine, my skin drinks it right up. To borrow a tagline, a little dab will do ya, so I’m sure the 2 ounce bottle will go a long way.

At night, I’ve been using the Enzyme Mask on my face. (more…)

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Friday, February 11, 2011

reduce your carbon footprint: view nyc’s fashion week on live streaming video


Don’t have the cash, time or inclination to travel to NYC for all the runway mayhem of Fashion Week? No need to burn fossil fuels by jumping onto a plane, train or automobile – just watch the whole schmear on MetrovelvetTV – a channel that’s live streaming all the action of NYC Fashion Week via – they’re covering every show featuring interviews, backstage activity and runway events.


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Seamus the eco dog checks out the Organic Bumper Bed

The story: West Paw Design was nice enough to give me one of their Organic Bumper Beds for some of my rigorous product testing, which primarily involved an arduous routine of repeated lounging, relaxing and sleeping.


My initial take: this bed is super comfy,with a nice bumper surround on which to rest my handsome canine head. The organic cotton outer shell is warm, soft and sleep inducing. Now the problem – my big brother Jack – who, motivated by a particularly chilly New England night, got all cozy in my new bed (see picture below).


I had tap into my finely honed skills as a thespian and play my “I’m just a sad little dog” routine to get his butt out of there – and, given the comfy nature of the bed – it still took the humans two dog treats to get the job done.  Problem resolved, I then assumed my rightful place on the throne, content once again in my role as top dog. (more…)

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friday’s offbeat eco news


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