livia___colin.jpg(right) At the moment, I’m wondering what Livia Firth will be wearing to Sunday night’s Oscars. She’s collaborating with designer Gary Harvey (had the pleasure of meeting him last year) on an upcycled gown made…

According to Livia’s blog, “I can tell you that Gary’s design is made from 11 different dresses. He has scoured Southeast London for the right pieces… All the pieces we are using are from the era of The King’s Speech.

Gary is all about authenticity so wanted to be sure we get the right fabrics and the right vibe. Every element – including zips, corset and the original toile – is recycled. The only thing that we’ve used that is new is the thread that actually stitches the dress together.”

Guess we’ll just have to wait and in tune…of course, I’m rooting for the superb Colin to cop Best Actor in The King’s Speech (ya gotta see this film). UPDATE: Just heard  Colin will be resplendent in an “organic” Tom Ford suit:)


(above) Lav and Kush made their way down the catwalk debuting Autumn/Winter 11 at this week’s Vancouver Eco-Fashion Week. To freshen up for spring, I’ve culled a few favs from their current sustainable collection. With a couple of simple swaps in accessories, you can easily slip from day into night.

What I especially like about L&K is that they’re one of the first to offer eco designs for the semi-plus market, covering from 4-14.  The line is available in 46 boutiques across the US and Canada (Trixie or Eco Existence in Toronto) and online.

Icing on the cake – treat yourself to some VIP perks – enter code EFWLK and receive 25% off for the next two months @


(above L to R) Fair Trade and handmade from ethically sourced materials, Phillie-based SA VA fashions are a great example of a company that truly does good. Ninety percent of their garments are handmade in their own studio, and any item they don’t make must have one element of sustainability, whether it is fair trade, locally made, organic, made in the U.S.A. or recycled.

New Arrivals: The Baily ($193) and Stacia Flutter Dress ($216) – find @


(above & below) Green wedding plans on the horizon? Wedding gowns made of peace silk, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and vintage material are dotting the landscape. Real-life queens for the day may want to take a peek at Deborah Lindquist (above) as well as custom eco bridal gowns from Annatarian, (below).