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Thursday, March 31, 2011


upcycled keyboard bench


Art or artifice? Designer Nolan Herbut’s Wolfgang Keyboard Bench is quite a concept.

The undulating bench consists of a Baltic Birch frame covered with 2,000 computer keyboard keys. The keys actually click when pressed, presumably by one’s derriere.


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Thursday, March 31, 2011

clocks made from recycled frying pans


Italian designer, Sara Bergando, creates these whimsical wall clocks from upcycled old frying pans. Sara uses traditional decoupage to adorn each recycled pan with graphic stickers she designs herself – thus creating an eye-catching graphic clock while saving another scratched-up non-stick pan from the landfill. Sara sells the clocks at her Etsy Shop for around $40 each.



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going vegan for Earth Month


Doing my bit for the planet and my waistline.

In my personal quest to follow a more eco conscious path, I’m always trying new things. My latest endeavor focuses on improving my health and reducing my carbon footprint by transitioning to a different way of eating. I’ve always tried to eat what I’d consider to be a “healthy diet” (as little junk food & sugar as possible, organic + locavore choices up and down the food chain, meatless Mondays) … I even tried to follow a raw food diet for a short while, but that wasn’t my cup of tea.

I recently read Eat Right for Your (Blood) Type, and subsequently confirmed that my blood type is A. According to the book, I have what I’m going to call, natural, vegetarian leanings. So just for the fun of Earth Day (the entire month of April), I’m going to take this a little further and arrange meals around my new approach to eating —  Blood Type A meets vegan.


With no dairy, fish and meat on my plate, this more sustainable approach will have less of an impact on the planet, and hopefully more of a positive impact on my body. Who knows, maybe it’ll become second nature, an ongoing way for life:) As always, feel free to jump in …

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top 5 Tips for Eco Mom or Dad


LGS1.jpgAs we try our best to be good role models for our children, here are a few basic concepts that you may want to keep in mind as you go about raising that bundle of joy.

Kids are like sponges, they soak up new ideas and info. And they love to have fun. The key to keeping those energetic bodies and brains engaged is to make everyday activities as enjoyable as possible.

From the food you put on the table, clothing on their back, media & entertainment, and decorating their room – bring them into your world. We all learn best by doing, so teach them to make smart choices and do for themselves. Life’s all about problem-solving, just try to make it fun. It may not be easy being green, but it’s sure worth it!

Our Top 5 Tips for today’s eco minded parent: (more…)

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sprout watch – spring into summer with white


Time to lighten up as we keep our fashionable appointments … this lightweight bracelet watch is made from white corn resin, has a mother-of-pearl face and diamond-like dial to add a little sparkle to your aura. By eco brand, Sprout – on sale now $49.99, reduced from $65 via

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